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  1. TheStig

    João Laporta

    Do I get this right? We have to reduce our wage bill from 400+ mil to 270 mil or we can sigh only with the 1:3 rule? Each year it's more difficult, Tebas won't stop until we're in the ground and our club does nothing. We should stop playing in La Liga until this stops.
  2. TheStig

    La Liga Round 5: Barca - Real Betis 5-0

    MATS Cancelo Kounde Inigo/Chris Balde Gavi Oriol FDJ Raphinha Ferran Felix but Xavi...
  3. TheStig

    Clement Lenglet (loaned to Aston Villa)

    There is no way that Villa is paying 75% of his salary, it's probably the other way around. Catalan newspapers just report this as a favor to Laporta. We will see that this nothing to FFP.
  4. TheStig

    Ansu Fati (loaned to Brighton)

    Once upon a time a player who wanted to play got to the training pitch and train hard to show the manager that he should play more and at the end show his class on the pitch. Now everyboy bitches in the media and cries even after a very bad season like Fati had. Still wouldn't sell him for...
  5. TheStig

    La Liga Round 1: Getafe - Barca 0-0

    We will see Araujo at RB because Xavi doesn't want to make Kounde cry right?
  6. TheStig

    27 - Lamine Yamal

    Does a hot boyfriend count? I'm asking for Mbappe of course.
  7. TheStig

    9 - Robert Lewandowski

    Nope. He should though.
  8. TheStig

    9 - Robert Lewandowski

    When did he win the Balon dor?
  9. TheStig

    João Laporta

    Don't want Ney back because he is an alcoholic snake who fucked us but he would be by far the best offensive player in the team when he's not injured and/or fucking his sister. I think Laporta's real motivation is what kind of parties/orgies could he organize with Ney Sr.
  10. TheStig

    6 - Pablo Paez 'Gavi'

    He wasn't that great even in his first season. A lot of us were blinded by his agressive aproach and because his name is similar to Xavi and we dreamt about new Xavinesta with him and Pedri. He had some good moments but nothing special. He shouldn't be close to our first 11 when everybody is...
  11. TheStig

    Fermín López

    I see bigger potential in him than Gavi. Gavi has the hype, fans love him because he is fighting all the time but there is not much talent with the ball.
  12. TheStig

    Ansu Fati (loaned to Brighton)

    In 5 years we will be kicking ourselves why we didn't sell Gavi now that his value is the highest that there ever will be.
  13. TheStig

    Neymar Jr.

    And also...Dembele replacing Neymar again!
  14. TheStig

    João Laporta

    And then he will try to convince Lenglet to join Saudi league. It will surely help to say in the media that he is going there just for money. I hava an idea, could Laporta just shut up? His stupid statements are constantly making trouble for the club. From Dembele being the GOAT, that Barca is...
  15. TheStig

    Mikayil Faye

    Would rather see if he can play LB. We can't have Alonso there in serious matches if Balde gets injured.
  16. TheStig

    Ousmane Dembele

    We are talking brutto right? Maybe not 25 but 18-20 for sure, with hidden bonuses or deffered payments from before it could go to 25m, it wouldn't surprise me. Maybe we made a small surplus of 3-4 mil, not more.
  17. TheStig

    Ousmane Dembele

    I meant we probably paid him around 25 mil for last season and now we are getting that money back. Of course he got paid the salary and PSG will pay us the transfer fee but in the end it cost Barca around 0€ that Dembele played the 22/23 season with us.
  18. TheStig

    Ousmane Dembele

    Barca didn't make 25m fee from him, it was his salary in the meantime. We could say he played for free for a season and a half if we get 25m from PSG now (and it looks it will be 25 mil and nothing more). Will we even be able to register Gundo, Inigo and Oriol with that money?

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