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  1. XaviMessiGirl

    How old are you?

    29, turning 30 in December.
  2. XaviMessiGirl

    Mohamed Salah

    Crystal Palace (esp away) is just never easy for Liverpool. Yes, he didn't have the best performance, but in the long run that doesn't matter. Then again this guy is saying that Salah is a tap-in merchant and that nobody knew him before he joined LFC, which is all just factually wrong.
  3. XaviMessiGirl

    Luka Modric

    Well regardless of what actually happened he's only going to say pro-Madrid things now since he's still at the club. Back when the move still looked possible he kept liking social media posts about coming to Inter, for example there was one from Perisic with him, Brozo and Vrsaljko with the...
  4. XaviMessiGirl

    Barça's Transfers and Rumors

    According to Di Marzio, Braida will be at Sassuolo-Empoli to watch Berardi, Vrsaljko and Pellegrini on Sassuolo, and Paredes on Empoli.
  5. XaviMessiGirl

    Martin Montoya

    No he wasn't, he was on the bench. His suspension was served in last week's game.
  6. XaviMessiGirl

    Martin Montoya

    For not playing all season he did fine, especially compared to how he was playing in those friendlies. I wonder if this is a one-off start though or if he will get more chances. Santon is injured and D'Ambrosio was suspended so it might not have originally been a choice. Great result too :)
  7. XaviMessiGirl

    Martin Montoya

    He's starting today, game just kicked off.
  8. XaviMessiGirl

    Barça's Transfers and Rumors

    Do it :braida:
  9. XaviMessiGirl

    Martin Montoya

    He played in a couple friendlies and has been directly at fault for multiple goals. I guess that on top of what he does in training is enough for Mancini to not want to play him in the league.
  10. XaviMessiGirl

    Serie A

    On top of that, Inter shouldn't have been down to 10 in the first place. Naga's first yellow was a dive from Callejon. The team did however play much better after subbing Icardi because of the sending off, which is worrisome for his sake. Regardless this should hopefully shut some people up who...
  11. XaviMessiGirl

    Xavi Hernandez

    Ahhh nice, I'm jealous :D
  12. XaviMessiGirl


    And Inter decided to join in too :D Great results. For Liverpool this can definitely be a big turning point which was needed.
  13. XaviMessiGirl

    Ciro Immobile

    He's back.
  14. XaviMessiGirl

    Barça's Transfers and Rumors

    Apparently, Berardi likes La Liga and would like to play with Messi (and likes him better than Ronaldo) - Only thing is I haven't been able to find the original quotes in Italian and that site has had problems with...
  15. XaviMessiGirl

    Gianluigi Donnarumma

    He's supposed to start again against Chievo on Wednesday.
  16. XaviMessiGirl

    Gianluigi Donnarumma

  17. XaviMessiGirl

    FC Internazionale Milano

    Bojan, can you tell me anything about those players listed on the right? The only one I'm familiar with is Vrsaljko.
  18. XaviMessiGirl

    Serie A

    I suppose so!
  19. XaviMessiGirl

    Serie A

    Brozovic is better than Kondogbia (who has been a disappointment so far) and Guarin, that's for sure.
  20. XaviMessiGirl

    Serie A

    I'm just happy with the vast improvement from the last few times we played Juve (and better than our last couple games in general). Would have liked the win of course but it went better than I thought it would.

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