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  1. JohnN

    18 - Oriol Romeu

    Wow.. he is truly not good enough for Barca. As well as Alonso of course.
  2. JohnN

    9 - Robert Lewandowski

    This is the Lewa we deserve, clutch goals when needed. Not like Ferran who missed and missed. Keep going!
  3. JohnN

    La Liga Round 6: Barca - Celta Vigo 3-2

    Just saw the match.. what a way to start your day, damn. Amazing comeback after Celta had in all honesty a great strategy and overall performance. Feran missed sitters and it's worrying but Lewa, Felix, Cancelo, Gavi and balde, raphinia to an extent, showed up when needed. These are the games...
  4. JohnN

    Xavi Hernandez

    they have many starters missing but they did not play a good game. to be fair I watched after 29th minute or something so perhaps they were good before. but after that only luck helped them not get 8-0ed by bayern.
  5. JohnN

    Ousmane Dembele

    No logical person leaves Barcelona when a rebuilding project is ongoing and doing pretty good, for PSG just when messi and neymar left. it's just a stupid decision. but good for us. never liked dembele. talented surely but stupid as fuck. not football wise. stupid in everything.
  6. JohnN

    Champions League 23/24

    Bayern defense is laughable. United is second division. Barca and La liga will come back. vamos xaviball!
  7. JohnN

    21 - Frenkie de Jong

    frankie always showed class but this position is his bread and butter. he is the flying dutchman there. simply great
  8. JohnN

    18 - Oriol Romeu

    I believe the gavi/pedri, fdj, gundo is the strongest midfield. romeu looks a level below all other mids, so would avoid in hard games.
  9. JohnN

    Ousmane Dembele

    he stopped us from wining the cl when he missed an unmissable goal vs Liverpool. #NeverForget
  10. JohnN

    8 - Pedro Gonzalez "Pedri"

    he fits because we face different opponents, of different qualities and need different attributes each time and rotations. having this kind of problem with many good choices is a manager's wet dream.
  11. JohnN

    11 - Raphinha

    I don't understand why he doesn't hold the width when teams park the bus. Cancelo goes centrally and overloads the midfield, balde touches the left line and this man is in no man's land. even 16yo yamal was holding position even though he is much more effective cutting inside. a good and...
  12. JohnN

    Marco Verratti

    Overared maybe but still was no. 1 when fit and on his day (pretty rare occasion indeed). should have avoided that plastic club. a shame really.
  13. JohnN

    Ousmane Dembele

    Our downfall started since he came, but the curse is now broken since he left.
  14. JohnN

    9 - Robert Lewandowski

    Keeps getting better. still missing sitters. has that always being his thing or it started with us?
  15. JohnN

    7 - Ferran Torres 2.0 Shark Edition

    opened play nicely, combined great and almost got a goal or two.
  16. JohnN

    CL: Round 1: Barca - Royal Antwerp 5-0

    we have been dominating RM with a worst squad. we need to turn the mentality around and make the players play like they are the best team in the world against anyone.
  17. JohnN

    3 - Alejandro Balde

    if his timing snd placement was a little better he would be WC. still lacking end product
  18. JohnN

    CL: Round 1: Barca - Royal Antwerp 5-0

    called it 5-0 and it was like ment to be. unlucky not to score 8. yamal with important lesson on selfish decisions but still.. he is a menace.
  19. JohnN

    CL: Round 1: Barca - Royal Antwerp 5-0

    I think I heard the staff calling for raphinia to go wide a couple of times
  20. JohnN

    14 - Joao Felix

    he unlocks lewa, is classy, hardworking and has a good eye for goal. seems to be a good fit for now. balde covers the whole lw anyway.

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