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  1. Nucky

    Women's football

    Next is Ballon D'or.. Its the golden era for Barca femeni, full of world class players...
  2. Nucky

    La liga - who will win it?

    Back to back title would be nice..
  3. Nucky

    Premier League 23/24

    4th title in a row for City loading..
  4. Nucky

    2 - Joao Cancelo

    Indeed.. We already had probably TOP 3 defence in TOP 5 leagues, only missing piece was RB, wich we filled with Cancelo.. He is the cherry on top of the cake..
  5. Nucky

    2 - Joao Cancelo

    Its a loan deal but Barca can buy him for around 25-30M next summer. Now Barca finally has a world class RB..
  6. Nucky

    14 - Joao Felix

    He was shit last season in Chelsea, lets hope he does better in Barca..
  7. Nucky

    2 - Joao Cancelo

    Lets just his attitude doesn't fuck it all up.. But RB is very much needed, specially now with Araujo and Martinez injured we will need natural RB so that Christiansen and Kounde can cover CB position..
  8. Nucky

    Sergino Dest (loaned to PSV)

    He will be great for PSV, the dutch league is his level..
  9. Nucky

    2 - Joao Cancelo

    Of course, otherwise City wouldn't even negotiate just like they didn't for Silva.. Already got 2 flops from City with Garcia and Ferran, just hope Gundogan isn't the third flop..
  10. Nucky

    Ansu Fati (loaned to Brighton)

    Guess Fati decided to leave the club and find playing time somewhere else.. Good luck Ansu.. If Fati really leaves then I'm guessing its 100% that Joao Felix is coming..
  11. Nucky

    Neymar Jr.

    I'm glad he didn't join Barca.. Injury prone and far from former glory.. Now I hear rumours about Felix again..
  12. Nucky

    2 - Joao Cancelo

    I agree.. And find another target..
  13. Nucky

    La Liga Round 1: Getafe - Barca 0-0

    I knew, had a bad feeling before the game and here it is.. Lost 2 points in the first round.. This season is gonna be the worst probably, I assume we will barley make it to Champions League spot, then again gettin knocked out in group stage of UCL, then also in Europe League since Barca isn't...
  14. Nucky

    Neymar Jr.

    Must be really stupid to buy a kit before the player is even officially announced.. And even then I'd never buy Neymar shirt..
  15. Nucky

    La Liga Round 1: Getafe - Barca 0-0

    Lets see how this plays out, got a bad feeling with Oriol starting in midfield..
  16. Nucky

    2 - Joao Cancelo

    RB is needed.. I don't care who it is..
  17. Nucky

    Neymar Jr.

    Good, Al Hilal will save us from getting Dembele's older brother.. But I don't like idea of signing Joao Felix either..
  18. Nucky

    Neymar Jr.

    Looks like Dembele's older brother Neymar is really coming.. So we will get a guy who can be world class but misses most of the season.. Well at least he will come for free with lower salary than Dembele..
  19. Nucky

    Neymar Jr.

    I'd say LW.. I really don't like Neymar but to be honest his left foot is better than Ansu/Ferran combined..
  20. Nucky

    Bernardo Silva

    It was obivous from the start its mission impossible.. We are in no position of big signings.. I just hope we spend that Dembele money on RB wich is the most needed..

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