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  1. Jaguar

    19 - Lamine Yamal

    This guy off 60th minute for Ferren Torres? What joke was that, he legit didn’t offer 20% of what Lamine Yamal did. Dumb Luis.
  2. Jaguar

    7 - Ferran Torres

    Get rid of this waster, he legit is so average at everything 🤣 Luis so lucky his bad substitutions somehow got through, complete luck.
  3. Jaguar

    Nico Williams

    Our priority this summer, no doubt. €55m is a bargain.
  4. Jaguar

    Nico Williams

    Please get this guy Deco, absolute monster on the left and more suited to Barca as well as Hansi Flick too. His speed and skills are world class.
  5. Jaguar

    7 - Ferran Torres

    I’d take it, unless he has a great Euro then we can possibly get a bidding war from 2+ teams. If not take the money and run :lol:
  6. Jaguar

    Sergi Roberto

    Every Barça fan: Hansi Flick will surely push Sergi Roberto out of the club Sergi Roberto next year under Hansi Flick:
  7. Jaguar

    Hansi Flick

    Personally I think this is how it went down. Barcelona from the start were considering sacking Xavi if Hansi Flick agreed with their terms. Xavi heard this and he simply felt it would make it look more respectful for both parties and he said he was going to quit. However when they got in contact...
  8. Jaguar

    Xavi Hernández

    Fixed it.
  9. Jaguar

    19 - Vitor Rawke

    Season for us is over now, solidified 2nd place. If he doesn’t play full minutes for the last game I dunno what’s going on at this club anymore.
  10. Jaguar

    1 - Marc-Andre ter Ansplant

    Ter Stegen a decent goalkeeper with higher than average control and passing, that’s about it. He isn’t a Courtois or Neuer, they’re genuinely world class goalkeepers that make insane saves often. Let me put it this way, even if Neuer had a blunder for the first goal vs Real Madrid, he made saves...
  11. Jaguar

    Xavi Hernández

    🗣️ Carlo Ancelotti: “The mistake that the new generation of coaches make is giving too much information to the players in the game with the ball. This takes away creativity. It's one thing to indicate to the player the positioning without the ball, there you have to give a lot of information...
  12. Jaguar

    La Liga Round 34: Girona - Barca 4-2

    We are risking another embarrassing season keeping Xavi as manager. Teams have figured out how we defend and how we attack and the massive flaws we have due to inexperienced management. Xavi playing the way we got away with because we had Messi, clearly doesn’t work anymore 😒
  13. Jaguar

    4 - Ronald Araújo

    If Araujo did what he did but stayed on his feet and put his hands up like most high level defenders do after they try to unbalance an attacker in front of them 1v1 with gk it probably wouldn’t even have been a free kick. It was how he fell to the ground straight afterwards that made him look so...
  14. Jaguar

    CL Quarter Final: Barca - PSG 1-4

    Roma, Liverpool, now PSG. Barca never learn do they? Was basically a free semi final pass our way if Araujo didn’t do that idiotic foul and we kept composure. It was basically 2 red cards for our best defender and attacker tonight. Araujo then Lamine Yamal substituted off. I knew after that it...
  15. Jaguar

    CL Quarter Final: PSG - Barca 2-3

    Barça players' reaction to PSG fans chanting "F*** Barça" at Parc des Princes before the game :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
  16. Jaguar

    19 - Lamine Yamal

    He seems a bit nervous at times but was key for the goal, should have did better two chances after that though.
  17. Jaguar

    João Cancelo

    Football players also get checked by their own doctors though, not just the clubs doctors. So if City seen he had future heart problems and loaned him out multiple times without a quick sale and not telling him when his own doctors can catch them out and wonder why they didn’t detect it, would...
  18. Jaguar

    João Cancelo

    Read he had tested positive for a serious heart problem, other sources say it’s fine. I swear if he genuinely does we are either cursed or there is someone in our medical department or someone that has power to somehow affect our players health that works for Real Madrid, or a hardcore Real...
  19. Jaguar

    19 - Lamine Yamal

    Agreed. He more a Neymar type of quick though which is more than enough and he goes past defenders with ease constantly.
  20. Jaguar

    19 - Lamine Yamal

    Lamine Yamal when he was 16 according to very Autistic Real Madrid fans :lol:

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