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    Kylian Mbappé

    If this goes through I'm pretty sure they will be banned from eurpean competitions for at least 5 years. Not sure it will help them...
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    Barca Transfers and Rumors

    No, we lost Asensio, because we had Halilovic and Rafinha occupying the same position (not to mention Messi). The boards simply decided that we had enough RW/AM hybrids. On the other hand we had problem on RB, hence Douglas. The same can be said about Isco, who was Barca/Messi fan. Our...
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    Adama Traore

    He never had problems with tracking back, at least when I saw him playing..., you must be confusing him with Deulofeu. :)
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    Sergi Roberto

    You are now seriously overrating him. He's not that good at DM (and on CM too, RB is his best position by far), especially when defending. He only played there against easy opponents. I would rather see Gomes or Mascherano on DM.
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    Aleix Vidal

    He played RW - a classical winger in 4-2-3-1 formation. He almost never played as RB. RW is his natural position and he's actually quite good at it.
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    9 - Luis Suárez - v1

    LOL, it's not even close, sorry. Suarez right now is comparable to Eto'o, R9 was a level above him...
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    André Gomes

    It is completely unknown how "big" engine Roberto has. He hasn't played that many minutes per season for us. Let him play 35 full games, running up and down as RB and then we'll see how gassed out will he be.
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    André Gomes

    If he becomes starter at RB, he won't have the time and energy to be a backup for Bus. That leaves Mascherano and Gomes. It is also possible we might move to 4-2-3-1 in near future, if Messi becomes slower with him as 10 and Bus and Gomes as double pivot. Puyol was great as RB, one of the best...
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    Alen Halilović

    Messi in our team is RW/AM hybrid, not RW anyway. We use RBs and sometimes even Rakitic for width... Halilovic can easily be backup for Messi in our scheme, if he proves he is good enough.
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    Cesc Fàbregas

    Total nonsense. He forced the move out of Arsenal where he was on his way to become club legend to return to us.
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    Denis Suarez

    Uhm, I'm not just about chances creation. He often misplaces simple passes deep in middle of field and so breaks the flow of our game, or passes to teammate in poor position, so we lose ball and have to chase it etc. Just watch the game, it's pretty frustrating sometimes and is not a result of...
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    Barca Transfers and Rumors

    That's just stupidly high amount of money for average player.
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    Ivan Rakitić

    We were able to destroy Real away WITHOUT Messi, who, not beingon pitch, was arguably much bigger loss for our right flank than Alves.
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    Ivan Rakitić

    He'll still need to babysit Messi.
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    Sergi Roberto

    Alves aerial crosses were really horrible and one he was of the worst, not best fullback crossers! His strenghts lied elsewhere - speed, passing on ground, linkup with Messi and co., agility, ball control and stamina! Roberto has better crosses already now after few games as RB!
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    Denis Suarez

    ň Rakitic's main weakness is his passing, and that's pretty huge weakness for Barca. After 2 years with us it is mind boggling how he can misplace simple short pass. He is the main reason why our midfield is not as creative as before IMO. He has great work rate, defends moves around a lot, but...
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    Paco Alcácer

    He can also be an indirect backup for Neymar. Of course he can't play on LW, but Suarez can (and he is quite good there). So if Neymar needs to be rested Suarez moves to LW and Paco to 9. Paco can play more minutes than Munir/Sandro did last year that way.
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    24 - Thomas Vermaelen

    He was fit last year.
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    Arda Turan

    He doesn't even speak Spanish.
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    Alex Song

    The weirdest thing is, that on his original position he was no flop at all, he flopped just as CB. I guess his wages were a problem, but he's still good player IMO.

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