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    3 - Alejandro Balde

    So if you trained you know bench is mainly for the chest also includes triceps and biceps... I don't see how and why should he lift more, because he doesn't need this muscles to grow and gain like Arnold or so... So focus is on speed, agility, strenght and not on gains and heavy lifting.
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    Guido Rodríguez

    So he is free agent at summer 2024 and acording to Fabrizio Romano FC Barcelona is in talks with the player.
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    Guido Rodríguez

    Guido Rodríguez is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a defensive midfielder for La Liga club Real Betis and the Argentina national team. He was a member of the Argentina team that won the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Born: April 12, 1994 (age 30 years), Sáenz Peña, Argentina
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    11 - Raphinha

    Let him play... Ok, maybe not the best, but the man has emotion and spirit!
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    Ousmane Dembélé

    As a player we can argue about it, as a person he's fucking cunt and I've sad that at the moment he left BVB to FCB.
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    7 - Ferran Torres

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    Ousmane Dembélé

    That's not the board, he left the club... He wanted to go and I'm glad that he left.
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    Ousmane Dembélé

    That was so since he leaved BVB, came here, did shit at the moment he got some "support" he leaved for money. I said it and I say now, fuck this guy. He isn't player you can count on. 2-3 games well, 3 bad, 10 injured or so. Glad that he's gone!!!!
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    19 - Vitor Rawke

    You can't say something like that after few weeks. The time will tell, but now... Man that's not right. We gave chance for many players, give him time to do something or not, and than judge ...
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    Sergi Roberto

    Never at best 11, now... Because years of playing is still at the club. Don't know really why but every player can shine for few games in his life like he did and that doesn't make him "legend" or so. He should have been gone like 5 years ago or so. He isn't Xavi, Iniesta, Messi etc. Didn't...
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    Sergi Roberto

    Man... That's the same thing I wanted to say... 2 golas now, and yet again 6 years of shit disappears... What kind of fans are here?
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    1 - Marc-Andre ter Ansplant

    You need to watch more closely ...
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    11 - Raphinha

    Thanks, I was on 5 players commentig and posted in wrong thread. Btw Raphinha is bad. I mean he can do things but 1on1 very bad. I love him but he isn't good. I hope he can be better and develop, but now... Maybe he needs better partner on the right side. Same thing happened with Cancelo and...
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    4 - Ronald Araújo

    Nice to see him as captain. Only time he should play as RB is against Real Madrid to put Vinni in the pocket ... Otherwise CB and that's ti. And yeah... I would love to see him be captain when Sergi is gone or at least as 2nd. Ter Stegen is longer there with much more experience but in my...
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    Sergi Roberto

    I appreciate his goal vs PSG back then but the only way he can save us is leave the club and save us from his wages.
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    João Félix

    I don't know if we can rely on the game, but as I play Football Manager for many years they were pretty accurate and the is clause that he cannot play against parent club. In last few days I've read that he can play, but still not 100% confirmed.
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    19 - Lamine Yamal

    He is not even 18 years old... So calm down!!! Don't get overhyped like with Bojan or Fati... He is young, he is doing things and... In my opinion he is different. He doesn't give a shit, at least at media and I hope he do the same at private life/football. So, let him grow, let him play...
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    9 - Robert Lewandowski

    Torres didn't do stuff today, maybe he was better but he had more minutes. In last coupe of games you could see that. He plays but, he is not first choice striker. As I have sad, maybe Lewa sould be sold this summer, but also that Torres isn't that good.
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    9 - Robert Lewandowski

    Whole team was down in 2nd half of the game. Torres is good (for me) as super sub. There is no game where he did something important as starter. So... Lewa is old and I would sell him this summer, but Torres is not the guy who can fit in his boots as starter stiker.
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    18 - Oriol Romeu

    Sell ASAP and don't play anymore. Don't know why Fermin left the game. Ok, he got the yellow card but he was 100x better. So if you whant to play insecure, let this man play and not Romeu. Barca needs renewal and "restart" and Romeu is not a part of it - NOT AT ALL!

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