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    Should Barcelona sign Gianluigi Donnarumma?

    The only young keeper with world classe potencial is Diogo Costa. I believe that Temas or Pena have similar potential.
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    Kylian Mbappé

    No way. He ends up in a gutter before that happens.
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    Verstappen is life.
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    Should Barcelona sign Gianluigi Donnarumma?

    Screw Donnaruma, screw Raiola, screw PSG. Respect Stegen
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    FC Barcelona basketball team

    Best team um Europe this season.
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    FC Barcelona Handbol

    Another year , another choke?
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    Go Pack Go
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    Nice win yesterday by Ronnie
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    FC Barcelona B

    Pimienta deserves a statue
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    Ilaix Moriba

    Give him a real chance.
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    Nico Gonzalez

    He had a growth spurt.
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    Alex Collado

    Sell Coutinho, promote Collado
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    Barca Transfers and Rumors

    Corona virus :P
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    FC Barcelona: Win of the youth system

    Or at least sell some of them for good amounts. I rate a few of them in Barça 1st team material. Starters ou very useful role players Orellana, Konrad, Wague do not make the cut. Some are too young to tell.
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    Transfers and Rumors

    Cavani stays in PSG. Atletico will loan Ferreira Carrasco, a former player.
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    Tomás Esteves

    Giving chances to the players. In the last 6 years the B teams were reintroduced in the 2nd division. A lot of youngsters got real opportunities to play regularly in professional football. Good coaches and their talent do the rest. The Mendes effect does the rest.
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    Tomás Esteves

    The release clause is true. Sad but true
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    FC Barcelona: Win of the youth system

    Ruiz is gonna be sold.
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    Abel Ruiz

    Portuguese media says Ruiz will join Braga tomorrow on a sale transfer. 8M

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