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    FC Barcelona B

    According to my Huddersfield Town friends who were at the game Barca B very impressive last night-one or two were very impressed with Kiko when he came on.
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    Joan Angel Roman

    seen joan roman play a few times for Man City academy.Decent player but not sure what he adds that Barca havent already got.
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    Cristian Tello

    Made a difference but he relied on one trick.Over time he becomes a bit predictable unless he can learn to take the defender on the inside.
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    Gerard Deulofeu

    Struggled last night.Looks one footed and very predictable when he plays on the left.Still got plenty of time to develop some guile and game intelligence.
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    Isaac Cuenca

    He did the "maradona" in a previous game.Plenty of potential probably needs a bit more experience but looks a decent enough prospect-nice change of pace too.
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    Cadet A

    You cant always tell much from a youtube vid. but he looks a talented technical player.Apparently he scored a hat trick a couple of weeks ago.He hasnt been with the club long so he has obviously hit the ground running.
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    Cadet A

    Who is the Barca number 8?
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    Sandro Ramirez

    And hes just made it 2-0
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    Sandro Ramirez

    Ramirz hs just scored against Manchester City.

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