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  1. Culeinho

    Marco Reus

    ahh my apologies, it was a easy mistake to make !!!!!
  2. Culeinho

    Marco Reus

    No worries :cheers:
  3. Culeinho

    Marco Reus

    you calm down ... Im only joking !!! Thats allowed right??
  4. Culeinho

    Marco Reus

    Says the guy who knows Messis real reason for staying !!!!! hmmmn pot kettle black !!!
  5. Culeinho

    Marco Reus

    How do you know Messis reasons for not wanting to leave???? Are you close mates with Messi and he told you this???
  6. Culeinho

    Luis Enrique

    lol no other club.. Gareth Bale might disagree with you on that... or even CR7 who still gets booed by some Real fans or ask the Glazers how they feel. It happens everywhere ffs... Also you seem to be ignoring the reasons a lot of us were unhappy with the board... perhaps youd care to remember...
  7. Culeinho

    Luis Enrique

    I agree with the "control means shit if you dont create opportunities" but you cant compare last nights game with how Peps sides did as Bilbao were better back then & Peps Barca have nothing to prove as they were widely recognised as one of the best teams -if not the best- ever. Last nights game...
  8. Culeinho

    Messi masterclass in 7 goal show

    So I hope the Barca fans who turned on Messi are enjoying their humble pie !!!!! The guys is so much better than the rest, its unbelievable (: ... Great to see him back to his best this season.
  9. Culeinho

    New 2014-2015 kits

    Itll be worse. Its a f**ing disgrace. I honestly cannot believe theyre gonna do this. I presume its a joke. Its absolutely ridiculous. I honestly thought theyd never top that disgusting diarrhoea away kit from 2 seasons or so back but then they do this and basically change our identity. I hate...
  10. Culeinho

    Lliga: FC Barcelona - Celta de Vigo 0-1

    Another defensive mistake by Mascherano. I still dont understand why a club of our stature is playing a quality def mid as a makeshift CB??? Utterly ridiculous. That game was brutal to watch I thought. Barca hasnt got style. I normally love watching Barca but not so much lately and I didnt enjoy...
  11. Culeinho

    Lliga: FC Barcelona - Celta de Vigo 0-1

    My team: Ter Stegen, Alves, Mathieu, Pique, Alba, Masch, Rakitic, Halilovic, Suarez, Messi, Neymar ...!!!!
  12. Culeinho

    Press conferences/interviews

    Im not too sure about Luis Enrique. I dont think he is the right man for the job. Its a shame that we have one of the Worlds greatest ever players with other World class players but our manager (& board) isnt of the same standard and we havent really had a guy of that standard since Pep... Its a...
  13. Culeinho

    Catalunya Supercup Final: FC Barcelona - Espanyol 1-1 (4-2 pk)

    I thought Halilovic looked absolute quality. Reminds me of a mix of Iniesta and Messi.. Id like to see him get more first team action as a sub especially now Iniesta is injured.
  14. Culeinho

    Angel Correa

    Yeah thats a great signing by them.. I was hopin we might get him.
  15. Culeinho

    Raphael Varane

    To be honest I dont think he did much wrong.. It looked to me like Simeone totally over reacted.... I will be amazed if Real sell Varane. He is a awesome player who will go on to be one of the best CB's ever in my view and if they are stupid enough to sell him then I would love us to get him...
  16. Culeinho

    Aaron Ramsey

    haha yeah exactly ........ still though you mature as a player as you get older so if he stayed fit and knocked the mistakes out of his game (like v Liverpool) then there isnt a better player around ... he could be that good... such a shame about the injuries.
  17. Culeinho


    yes the system now is set up to keep the deal in favour of the top half of the table but getting a fairer TV deal all round would be great ... Also they need to promote the league alot better. I think this season will show the interest that can be generated by having another team up there with...
  18. Culeinho

    Aaron Ramsey

    yeah he was awesome in that game... he's like Vieira with Zidanes grace.... The only thing that lets him down a bit at times is his character/decision making but his ability is second to none.... I hate to see any player injured so I hope he makes a full recovery. He is just the type of player...
  19. Culeinho

    David Luiz

    You get those comments when you become successful longterm..... I remember when Barca won in 09 everyone was congratulating me... About a year or so later lots of people hated Barca ... There are always a bunch of people who will begrudge your success.... F*** em
  20. Culeinho

    Aaron Ramsey

    Poor Diaby... The guys got everything to be a awesome player but just has no luck with injuries.... He came on as a sub in the last game of the season so I hope he stays fit now and can get a few seasons under his belt.. (I doubt it though)....

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