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  1. MaestroXavi

    10 - Lionel Messi - v2

    Guys I've been ghosting around lately mainly because I haven't watched a lot of football (I've practically fallen in love with Basketball over the past two years) But saying a player is entering post-peak at 26 is far fetched.He sure as hell isn't performing like the Messi we've become...
  2. MaestroXavi

    Neymar - v2

    Give Messi 60 and Neymar 10 because Neymar>Messi
  3. MaestroXavi

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Best goal in terms of individual brilliance is definitively either Messi vs Getafe or Zidane vs Leverkusen,sorry guys but this goal doesn't even make my top 3 in Bicycle kicks let alone goals,dying minutes of a meaningless friendly and even the way the ball went towards goal isn't all impressive...
  4. MaestroXavi


    He's 29 though isn't he. Harden seems to be a steal imo,a 23 year old all star SG for 29 year old Kevin Martin.James Harden is as good as Martin and is yet to hit his prime.
  5. MaestroXavi

    10 - Lionel Messi - v1

    Call him a flopper even though he's the best PG in the NBA by far.All Griffin needs is a jumpshot :worthy: Messi's first goal was so surefire in my eyes even though that would of been a definite miss by anyone other than Messi,we really take him for granted. Never understood comparisons with...
  6. MaestroXavi

    10 - Lionel Messi - v1

    They're all little bitches.CP3 :worthy:
  7. MaestroXavi

    Xavi Hernández

    Us fans should know Xavi is not about the assists by now.
  8. MaestroXavi

    10 - Lionel Messi - v1

    IMO that was Ibrahimovic and Messi's inability to not let the other have the ball for longer than 10 seconds
  9. MaestroXavi

    14 - Javier Mascherano

    I'm going to laugh my life away the day Batra has a bad game and everyone is going to jump on the Batra hating bandwagon as soon as he does. Personally I think the IDEA of a Cdm at Cb is good but the Cdm's we choose are wrong,what Barcelona staff want is a defender who is good on the ball and...
  10. MaestroXavi

    Pedro Rodriguez

    Xavi is one of the most discrete players when it comes to private life. It seems like his last relationship is 5 years old. Since then, he preferred to remain alone so he could dedicate himself to football. Although it seems pretty unusual for a football player to be alone, Xavi recently stated...
  11. MaestroXavi

    Eric Abidal

    Hope he remains at Barca as staff or something like that even after retirement Looking back at the first posts a lot of people we're angry at him :lol:
  12. MaestroXavi

    Eric Abidal

    Hope he remains at Barca as staff or something like that even after retirement Looking back at the first posts a lot of people we're angry at him :lol:
  13. MaestroXavi

    5 - Carles Puyol

    Apparently Puyol said that Cristiano sent him an SMS about the injury. Probably not true but if it was,DO FOOTBALL PLAYERS ALL HANGOUT TOGETHER OR SOMETHING BECAUSE I WANNA GO NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. MaestroXavi

    Pedro Rodriguez

    Pep must be planning to return then so he can build a new team :pep:
  15. MaestroXavi

    Hatem Ben Arfa

    he doesn't deserve to be banned permanently,he was one of the btter posters on this forum. :(
  16. MaestroXavi

    Alex Song

    Gif of that yellow card please :lol:
  17. MaestroXavi


    Guys where can I download games and/or just watch the replays off the internet because stupid America has stupid time zones
  18. MaestroXavi

    Real Madrid (old thread)

    I honestly think that if Madrid lose to City they will crack.You will see some smaller players leaving in January,reports of players fighting or something along those lines,team chemistry fading slowly etc.As good as Mou is as a manager,Pep is x10000000000000 times better as a motivator.He kept...
  19. MaestroXavi

    Alex Song

    Depends really. Song is a definite no no against pacier team IMO but would do well against poachers because he's tall and knows the game better than Batra. Again emphasis on the IMO.
  20. MaestroXavi

    Alex Song

    After watching that last video I realised Song's passing skills are better than I thought,I think he can honestly play in any central role up to the Cam position which says a lot about a player

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