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    Liga Round 12: Real Sociedad - Barca 0-1

    I would prefer almost the same starting XI against Madrid. Ter Stegen Araujo, Christensen, Martinez and Balde Lopez, Gündogan and Gavi Lamal, Torres and Félix. In 2nd half Cancelo can replace Balde, or Xavi can try Cancelo, Araujo, Christensen and Martinez (left) Lewa and Raphina between 45 to...
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    Liga Round 9: Granada - Barca 2-2

    Agree, but not completely with " Te Amo Barca ". I prefer last year defense: Balde Chris Kounde Araujo. We concede too many goals with back 2 this season. Midfield: Gavi Gundo Cancelo. Attack: Felix Ferran Lamine. They play 442 or 4411. If they counterattack on the right, Yamal is not good...
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    La Liga Round 7: Mallorca - Barca 2-2

    In the two 5-0 matches, after 3-0, why they didn't give some rest to RL9 and some others?

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