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  1. pawanme10

    Man of the Match 14/15 edition

    Messi Bartra Suarez :worthy:
  2. pawanme10

    Lliga: Barca - Levante 5-0

    Great moreale boosting game + I'm glad Lucho took this opportunity to rotate our players. Messi hat-trick. 2 behind CR7 now. The race is on! Sky high confidence + one week rest before we head into the home game against Malaga (not sure they'd be able to do anything against us with MSN in such...
  3. pawanme10

    Lliga: Barca - Levante 5-0

    I like this line-up. Much deserved rest for Alba and Pique. Xavi is enough for Levante. :D Visca Barca.
  4. pawanme10

    Man of the Match 14/15 edition

    1. Messi - Displayed stuff out of which legends are made of. 2. Xavi- Calm, collected and never loses possession. 3. Neymar- Bit off more than he could chew on occasions but a good performance nonetheless.
  5. pawanme10

    Barça Forum Prediction League 2014/15

    Barça 2-0 PSG My first prediction this season! :)
  6. pawanme10

    Champions League: FC Barcelona - Paris Saint Germain 3-1

    Nice preview, man! Indeed! :) Alves suspension is a blessing in disguise, that man has been terrible in defense and offense. He never marks his man properly and sells himself out way too soon. Playing in the Nou Camp can go both ways, if the atmosphere is like what it was in the first half...
  7. pawanme10

    10 - Lionel Messi - v3

    He is going to lead Argentina to the Copa America next year. :D Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
  8. pawanme10

    9 - Luis Suárez - v1

    Welcome to Barca, Suarez. I hope his ban gets reduced. But, if it is upheld we are in for a difficult first half of the season. Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
  9. pawanme10

    Ivan Rakitić

    Welcome to Barca, Rakitic. I have a feeling he is going to be a great utility player. Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
  10. pawanme10

    Cesc Fàbregas

    Good bye, Cesc. :cry:
  11. pawanme10

    Would you sell Cesc Fàbregas this summer?

    Sell for 50M offer AND if we can get Kroos/Vidal AND we are going to change our style of play. Start Fabregas in big matches. Play him in his preferred CM. Xavi cannot play all games. Stop using Fabregas as a false nine and then curse him for a lack of speed. Its like asking a fish to climb a...
  12. pawanme10

    Barça's Transfers and Rumors

    These rumors are getting under my skin too. -_- I'd rather have the same team than our board buying another Song.
  13. pawanme10

    Tito Vilanova dies at age 45

    Rip Tito :cry:
  14. pawanme10

    TV3: BARCA wans to sell MESSI

    If Messi is sold to PSG this transfer window, I'll make Irina run naked from Madrid to Paris. :troll: Messi won't leave. The club won't sell.
  15. pawanme10

    Barça Forum Prediction League 2013/14 - Congrats FinCulé!!!

    Villareal 0-5 Barça
  16. pawanme10

    Alexis Sanchez

    Alexis at Nou Camp this season- 15 goals and 7 assists. :lol:
  17. pawanme10

    Man of the Match 13/14 edition

    Then, I can vote! :) Montoya Pinto Neymar
  18. pawanme10

    Barca under Tito vs Barca under Tata

    This, pretty much. Messi won the league for us. Tito had nothing to with it. Also, Tito could do nothing against RM. Tata is also tactically astute in the big games. Its the small games he doesn't know how to win.

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