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    Man of the Match 14/15 edition

    Messi Mascherano Alba
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    9 - Luis Suárez - v1

    Except this team doesnt have the time to wait as we are playing right now.
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    Pedro Rodriguez

    Pedro, the Little helper, no wonder he isnt sold, works hiss ass of and dont complain one he is on the bench, quality benchplayer.
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    9 - Luis Suárez - v1

    Not even Close to his killer standards, i hope he regain his form in the next couple of games, god knows we need it.
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    Sergio Busquets

    Still poor but atleast he tried alittle today, it was quite embarassing when he Went on his lone pressing assignment and his passing that everyone is commending him for is not there anymore. Still today was mini improvement.
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    CL: Ajax - FC Barcelona 0-2

    This team is totatally without ideas, no creativity at all, slow doesnt move when we have the ball, standing around and just looking, no one moving, no one working hard (except Masch) not even Suarez that was such a workhorse in Liverpool works especially hard. Messi looks slow and exhausted...
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    CL: Ajax - FC Barcelona 0-2

    I dont see how we can lose this one, the players must filled with passion to win after the latest debacles. Field a strong 11 and there will be certain victory tomorrow.
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    10 - Lionel Messi - v3

    Buuut , its not that he is old though, he is 27, hardly an age to start Walking with sticks and seem healthy to me.
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    Douglas Pereira dos Santos

    Is that true though? i mean...thats hard to take in if thats the case. Then again seeing how he played its hard to figure out what Lucho should have seen in him.
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    CL: Ajax - FC Barcelona 0-2

    It should be an easy win every day of the weak, we are starting a top 11 as we have to. They are Young doing lot of misstakes, dont park the bus on homesoil. If we dont win it well then we are even worse off than i thought. Last year we had no Messi and a weak side, this year is different we...
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    Barça Forum Prediction League 2014/15

    Ajax-Barca 1-3 Neymar 2, Suarez 1
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    CL: Ajax - FC Barcelona 0-2

    Thank god for an easy game after the 2 latest performances, i dont care if we win big just we get the easy 3 Points (and Masch starting as DM(.
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    14 - Javier Mascherano

    Haha, damn right
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    Luis Enrique

    Wow, awesome post and i fully agree
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    Luis Enrique

    Its not about him though although i agree that he seems erratic with his rotating and lack of a plan B, alot like Tata, the main thing is that our players arent good enough.
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    Luis Enrique

    By then it will be 3 years without trophies wich seem reasonable with the transfer ban, nothing is going to change much, some of the transfers we did this summer literally suck. atleast we have the Catalunya Supercup right;) that is something to cherish.
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    Alex Song

    how was he today?
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    Alexis Sanchez

    What a joy it is to see him play without the Schackles that Barcelona imposed on him, how good and entertaining is, shining with a joy for fotball that is unmatched. Man is he good and how good isnt he when he doesnt need to hug the byline for 90 minutes and how easy he scores, the guy that was...
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    Lliga: FC Barcelona - Celta de Vigo 0-1

    So Ajax on Wednesday, that is something to look forward too right :)
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    Jeremy Mathieu

    Yes he must be a beast he is wearing the Barca jersey :facepalm: i dont even care to comment on the guy anymore, not his fault he got bought by Barcas excellent scouting system

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