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  1. fareast

    Champions League 2017/18

  2. fareast

    7 - Philippe Coutinho - V1

    Anyone knows why is Coutinho not in today's Liverpool squad?
  3. fareast

    10 - Lionel Messi - v2

    Any news on messi recovery? I guess we will see him play for a couple of minutes this weekend. Sent from my LG-P880 using Tapatalk 2
  4. fareast

    10 - Lionel Messi - v1

    How many goals to surpass Cesar's record?
  5. fareast

    Jordi Alba

    So are we chasing him this winter since Maxwell already sold to PSG?
  6. fareast

    FIFA Club World Cup 2011 - Japan - CAMPIONS DEL MÓN!

    Looks like we will face a challenge from Asia champions Al-Sadd in semifinal, after winning against Esperance of Africa today.
  7. fareast

    1 - Victor Valdes

    And he wrote the record with a faboulous double save during 1st half !
  8. fareast

    1 - Victor Valdes

    And he wrote the record with a faboulous double save during 1st half !
  9. fareast

    Xavi Hernández

    Yes I agree, rest him and play with Toure-Busquets-Keita for Tenerife match, he can play again for Sevilla though..
  10. fareast

    who do you WANT to win the CL?

    I want Bayern to win CL, cause Inter is on course to win the league and copa, this year treble need to be denied
  11. fareast

    RVP or Villa?

    Geez, what a free kick, makes me remember of Rivaldo, I want him in Barca in future
  12. fareast

    Is Messi's pichichi in danger?

    Nope, and he will still be cruising in the remaining 3 matches, in a path of breaking Ronaldo 47 goals in a single season with Barca :)
  13. fareast

    Bojan Krkic

    I believe it still a non-sense rumor. I would prefer Barca to give 40 mil cash to Villa (additional Hleb i dont care) better than adding Bojan with 30 mil (this means Bojan price is only 10 mil? :D)
  14. fareast

    Andrei Arshavin

    I would only welcome Arshavin to Barca if we can get him for a pricetag around 15 million euro
  15. fareast

    Andres Iniesta

    The last 2 match against inter clearly shows that we need a midfield player who can be relied to terrorize the defense line if thing not going according to plan, our ball possession plan :(
  16. fareast

    Champions league 09-10

    Nice to mention this, 2 repeatable result will bring us to another UCL glory this year
  17. fareast

    Wesley Sneijder

    With or without Sneijder, lets kick out their a** in Camp Nou, 4-0 for Barca :)
  18. fareast

    10 - Lionel Messi - v1

    But Im quite glad that in the last part of the game, He seems very determined to do something and score, using all the speed and agility he have to move past the defenders, which eventually forced to perform some dirty tavkles to him
  19. fareast

    David Silva

    Agree, just realize that Silva option are better than Villa or Fabregas, because he can give service in either LW or CM :)
  20. fareast

    10 - Lionel Messi - v1

    I guess he really determine to leapfrog CR record with another 2/3 goals before Inter match But you should take it easy Leo, Im sure u will surpass it in no time, just prove your worth as individual and as a team against Inter tomorrow :)

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