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  1. Ronaldinho10

    Josep Maria Bartomeu

    Finally thought it would never happen 😁
  2. Ronaldinho10

    Samuel Umtiti

    Yeah amazing how things turn around. He really started off as an impressive CB
  3. Ronaldinho10

    Samuel Umtiti

    He may be trated with Lyon for Memphis as part of a trade deal.
  4. Ronaldinho10

    Ansu Fati

    He is the last one to be blamed this season.. kid is superb and will only get better how many 17 year old players showd as much confidince as him at this level at thia age? Give him time.
  5. Ronaldinho10

    Lliga | Round 30: Sevilla CF - FC Barcelona 0-0

    Well see how Braithwaite works with Messi and Suarez up front. No Frankie De Jong is a bummber. We have a good record against Seville though 29 wins 7 losses. Expecting a hard win 2-1.
  6. Ronaldinho10


    Perfect timing as usual right before Napoli..
  7. Ronaldinho10

    Lliga | Round 27: FC Barcelona - Real Sociedad 1-0

    The great dane to score today.
  8. Ronaldinho10

    Lliga | Round 27: FC Barcelona - Real Sociedad 1-0

    Me too but Setien will never play this.
  9. Ronaldinho10

    Lliga | Round 26: Real Madrid - FC Barcelona 2-0

    Yeah good lineup. Fati coming in the end to pace it up.
  10. Ronaldinho10

    Martin Braithwaite

    Exactly. He is what he is a quick fix nothing else. In the summer we can focus on bringing in a true Suarez replacement. As for halland im not even surprised BVB have an increadable talent for bringing in young talents and making them big almost unreal.
  11. Ronaldinho10

    Lliga | Round 24: FC Barcelona - Getafe 2-1

    Our set pieces defending is an absolute joke this mock of a defence is going to cost us many titles this season hold on to your socks.
  12. Ronaldinho10

    Lliga | Round 24: FC Barcelona - Getafe 2-1

    Yeah arthur and fdj good mid.
  13. Ronaldinho10

    Lliga | Round 24: FC Barcelona - Getafe 2-1

    Would like to see busi arthur and FDJ in midfield.
  14. Ronaldinho10

    Luis Suárez

    Yeah but Dembouz has a recurring injury so there is less chance with Suareź.
  15. Ronaldinho10

    Luis Suárez

    Exactly and you know what u do? Ignore them and carry on.
  16. Ronaldinho10

    Lliga | Round 23: Real Betis - FC Barcelona 2-3

    Dreadful game by Vidal the amount of possessions lost cuz of his careless play was unreal.
  17. Ronaldinho10

    Lliga | Round 21: Valencia CF - FC Barcelona 2-0

    We win in passing satistic nothing else.. 😂
  18. Ronaldinho10

    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

    I agree I see no way in which Arsenal releases him.. Especially due to the fact that Lacazzete hasn't been very good this season.. he fits arsenal system and tactics too well.
  19. Ronaldinho10

    Gabriel Martinelli

    Great player fast pacey great control and finishing gonna be a star for sure.
  20. Ronaldinho10

    Lliga | Round 20: FC Barcelona - Granada 1-0

    Hoping to see Rique Puig get some minutes lets go. Hope this manager can change things around.

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