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    8 - Pedri

    I'm very worried he's not gonna play too much with Wijnaldum, de Jong and Busi as starters
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    Patson Daka

    If he is as you say, why ManU, Man City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Sevilla, Arsenal, etc. are trying to get him?
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    Patson Daka

    We'll see what happens with Depay, because I read that Depay said he won't come if Koeman leaves.
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    Patson Daka

    Well, he got the best player of the season award in the Austrian league a few days ago. He finished the season with 42 games, 34 goals, 12 assists, 1 goal every 85 minutes. According to transfermarkt, his value is 20 million euros. Taking into account that Haaland won't come this season, I think...
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    Lisandro Martinez 'Licha'

    Is Marcos Senesi better than him, isn't he?
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    Patson Daka

    Top goalscorer of the African cup of nations qualifiers with 5 goals. He played only 4 out of 6 games due to an injury. Zambia scored 8 goals in total and conceded 12 goals
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    Patson Daka

    Well, 4 goals for Daka with the national team in the last 2 matches. 27 goals and 8 assists in 31 matches with RB Salzburg. That's the man if Haaland doesn't come
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    Erling Haaland

    Maybe Patson Daka or Moukoko are more similar to Eto'o, but they would be second options compared to Haaland
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    Patson Daka

    Another hat trick yesterday. 25 games, 23 goals, 7 assists, 1 goal every 72 minutes. And he said in an interview he would prefer Barca or Liverpool. We should have him as an option...
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    Sergio Busquets

    Busquets' replacement should be Jandro Orellana from Barca B
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    Patson Daka

    He continues with a lot of goals, 1 goal every 72 minutes, 16 goals and 5 assists. He would be a very good option if we can't get Haaland
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    Patson Daka

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    Patson Daka

    1 goal every 71 minutes, not bad
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    Patson Daka

    He already continued goal after goal after the injury. 15 goals in 15 matches. He should be an option for us...
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    Youssoufa Moukoko

    How much do you think his price would be for us in the next winter, and in the next summer? I think he would be cheaper than Haaland but we'll see if it's possible maybe selling Cou or Griezmann
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    Youssoufa Moukoko

    First Moukoko's goal with Dortmund. Very good goal. We should try to get him if Haaland (our first option) is not possible
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    Clément Lenglet

    We should try playing with Arnau Comas and Ramos Mingo un La Liga games
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    Lionel Messi - v7

    He should be sold in January and thanks for everything
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    Trincao (on loan)

    He should be playing on the left because he is too bad with his right foot, while Ansu returns, so Demb?l? takes the right side
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    1 - Marc-Andre ter Ansplant

    He didn't kicked the ball properly in the goal, but the main fault is Lenglet's and Alba's. Their level is too low right now

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