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    Carlo Ancelotti

    I dont if its true but ive heard that he voted messi for ballon dor 4 years in row and now claiming that ronaldo is the best in the world hehe =)
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    Cesc Fàbregas

    Ive read somewhere that arsenal get 40 percent of the money on a cesc sale ?
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    Tito responds to Guardiola's claims

    You guys think pep can talk about tito and claiming they used titos ilness when pep are using titos ilness to make the club look bad ... I dont think anyone should talk to the media about this sort of things but pep started it and tried to steal neymar and bought thaigo .Pep feels really...
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    Thiago Alcantara

    yep but for that money its like i ibra deal all over again just throwing away money
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    Thiago Alcantara

    If we lose thiago for that money this will be a horrible window even if we got thiago silva and ter stegen ....Rafinha isnt even close as a midfielder
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    FC Barcelona: Win of the youth system

    No news about the fifa ban ? do you think lee seung woo and theo chendri and so on will continue at la masia next season ?
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    Cristiano Ronaldo - v1

    He should have the red card before that tackle to !I dont know if its a connection but its obvious that his trying to kick him in the face on the same way it was obvious that pepe made a stomp on messis hand.! I want some gifs now for example after ronaldo hit the post or mou,pepe or karanka on...
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    Cadet A

    When is it going to be decided ? And is it going to be individual decisions or one for all players that is being looked at ?
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    Cristiano Ronaldo - v1

    Wtf was he doing when he jumped into weidenfeller ? He didnt look at the ball the last 5-10 steps =)
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    Christian Eriksen

    yes and sterling really impressed me
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    Juvenil B

    Good news ive heard that he was suspended with the koreans ,bobby and Patrice Sousia ? Maybe someone wrote the wrong info in the fifa problems thread
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    Gerard Deulofeu

    how is his contract situation ?
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    FC Barcelona: Win of the youth system

    WTF is happening the koreans theo chendri bobby and patrice ? la masia doesnt need this especially with grimaldo and sandro injured.. Has something simular happened in other teams or is just barca?
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    Nextgen Series 2012-2013

    Sorry if im being slow but where do i found the stream on the website ?
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    Sergio Ramos

    It was wrong to show him the red card but on the other side pepe should get banned för x matches ! Dat acting from ramos makes me think of rivaldo =)
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    He defenitely is back ! When he stomp that player yesterday people will deny it like with messi but it wasnt a "misstake" yet again.. How man players that is lieing down walk on or kicked on ? Pepe plays so much uglier than sergio ramos but its always ramos who gets the red
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    Seung Woo Lee

    wtf i dont understand this ? Does this only include him or the other players from different countries?
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    Mats Hummels

    What about götze then?^^
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    Raphael Varane

    Same type of challange can you explain that comment ? The ref was lacking consequence thats true but if the ref had been fair I think you should have said that he was bad^^ For an example when ramos got tuched in the face(and cries) and rvp got yellow and ramos swing a real elbow and got cleared
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    Real Madrid

    The clock is ticking so slow cant wait for tonight !

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