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  1. IvanAtanasov

    La Liga | Round 38: FC Barcelona - Villarreal CF 0-2

    The results is irrelevant. More important is that we've had more possession, we are "more than a club(absolutely pathetic)", keep playing our style, everything "Anti-football"(If you put some thoughts into it, it's actually the "tiki-taka" that's Anti-football)
  2. IvanAtanasov

    La Liga 2021/22

  3. IvanAtanasov

    Pep Guardiola

    They have intellect
  4. IvanAtanasov

    Champions League

    Yes, Liverpool - Real Madrid is the ultimate final
  5. IvanAtanasov

    Champions League

    For the sake of the football, Real should win. City are exceptionally disgusting team, coached by a hypocritical coward
  6. IvanAtanasov

    Champions League

    I've noticed, they've left the chains hanging on the hook blocks of the cranes when out of service, you shouldn't do that.
  7. IvanAtanasov

    Champions League

    Yes, he was. Competent manager would have controlled the game better, especially after 2-0, but he isn't smart enough to do it, add his stubbornness and cowardice and the result is another failure in CL. This guy is the actual living version of Agamemnon from the movie Troy, that sums up his...
  8. IvanAtanasov

    Champions League

    They will, with Guardiola, City are doomed. He was exposed again last night!
  9. IvanAtanasov

    Champions League

    Guardiola has the same personality as Agamemnon from the movie Troy.
  10. IvanAtanasov

    EL Quarter Final: FC Barcelona - Eintracht Frankfurt 3-4 agg.

    .. and this was known by the club for days...
  11. IvanAtanasov

    Ousmane Dembélé

    He refused the new contract
  12. IvanAtanasov

    European Super League

    .. the front fell off
  13. IvanAtanasov

    Mavericky Puig

    Wait he is still in the squad?
  14. IvanAtanasov

    Xavi Hernández

    He will be an epic failure, his philosophy is boring, naive and obsolete
  15. IvanAtanasov

    2021 Ballon d'Or

  16. IvanAtanasov

    Ansu Fati

    You two remind me of Lloyd and Harry
  17. IvanAtanasov

    4 - Ronald Araújo

    Is that a reference to Eitri? :rockon:
  18. IvanAtanasov


    I've always thought Canada is way more superior when it comes to Football and Ice Hockey to USA. Intellectually is beyond doubt.
  19. IvanAtanasov

    João Laporta

    Pep with his clueless and boring football, besides his own hypocrisy, cowardice and stubbornness isn't a good choice of advisor.
  20. IvanAtanasov


    Perfect destination for Guardiola, he will never ge good enough for knock out tournament, but might win the PL for them. Of course he can't do it with less than 2 billions for transfers

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