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  1. BarçAjax8

    Junior Malanda

  2. BarçAjax8

    Pep Guardiola

    I'm not buying Barcelona jerseys as long as qatar is on the front... Pep has his reasons for not signing one. Does that mean I'm not a cule? Does that mean Pep isn't? It's just too easy to label someone a douche or a "great guy" these days. Pep has done as much for FCBarcelona as Cruyff or Joan...
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    10 - Lionel Messi - v3

    Leo Messi is without a doubt the greatest player to play the game, just a Total Footballer in the Cruijff mold... but no player should be above the club. Without a doubt Lucho is a crap manager but any manager who comes in either abides by Messi or faces the ax. That is not good for any club...
  4. BarçAjax8

    Luis Enrique

    de Boer all day!
  5. BarçAjax8

    Lliga: Real Sociedad - FC Barcelona 1-0

    I agree with all the posts here... Lucho is way out of his league. The guy is absolutely clueless, 25 different lineups? That spells clueless or someone who spends too much time playing Fifa 15. Here's en excellent article at Total Barca on Lucho. Spot on!
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    Martin Montoya

    The problem with Montoya is everyone wants to compare him to Dani of 2008-2012. But on his own merit he is a good RB that has played well when given a chance (like Bartra). What's sad is Lucho will alienate Montoya and we'll be left with a shadow of Dani Alves & the "great" Douglas:lucho:
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    Rafinha Alcantara

    Excellent game from Rafa! Great to see another Masia player making strides into the first team :rafinha:
  8. BarçAjax8

    Which coach would you want if a new board comes in 2016?

    New Coach: Frank De Boer Over-all Coach: Pep Guardiola
  9. BarçAjax8

    Pep Guardiola

    Summed up perfectly. This is pretty painful as in the back of my mind I felt Pep would return once the core of our current team moved on. Tough pill to swallow :cry:
  10. BarçAjax8

    Luis Enrique

    Great posts & my feelings exactly! I love winning as much as anybody but what set FC Barcelona apart the last few years was that they won with beautiful football. It's been a little heartbreaking that I don't have any expectations for any match we play. They all tend to go the same way and if we...
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    Lliga: UD Almería - FC Barcelona 1-2

    Excellent post! Let's be honest with ourselves: since electing $andr0 the club has just made 1 bad decision after another. We're just lucky we have some of the best players to have ever played the game otherwise we'd be in the same position as AC Milan right now. The "Galacticos" analogy is...
  12. BarçAjax8

    Oliver Torres

    With this being Xavi's (possible) last season with Barcelona I was hoping we'd get Torres so he could learn and progress his game. Really sucks that our stupid board overlooked him.
  13. BarçAjax8

    Your Current Favorite XI

    Favorite Team Ever Valdes Dani - Puyol - Pique - Abidal Busquets Xavi - Iniesta Pedro - Messi - Villa Ideal Current Team Bravo De Sciglio - Bartra - Juan Jesus - Alba Busquets Gundogan - Iniesta Messi - Suarez - Reus
  14. BarçAjax8

    Marc Bartra

    Another game and another good performance by Bartra. You can argue the quality of the opponent (who dominated us for long periods) but things could have been a lot different if we had Pique or Mathieu instead. Not to mention he created the first goal for Messi. Montoya/Adriano - Bartra -...
  15. BarçAjax8

    Luis Enrique

    I'm not going to say "sack him", but with Mathieu's injury if Bartra doesn't start and Mascherano is at CB then Lucho has NO SACK. Cules on this forum argue we should move past Pep's days in charge but it's really hard when the only other direction is down. Pep had the guts to bench and...
  16. BarçAjax8

    Lliga: FC Barcelona - Celta de Vigo 0-1

    It was much more organized with Abidal being more reserved allowing Dani to get forward. But if the opportunity arose Abidal would get forward with Dani getting back. No matter what we had a back 3 with Busquets sitting in front of them while 6 others attacked. What made it work so well was the...
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    Lliga: FC Barcelona - Celta de Vigo 0-1

    I love the ideas. They're all well and good but the problem will still be the training and moves we'll need the players to execute won't come across. The problem is the core of our squad (Dani, Pique, Mascherano, Busquets, Iniesta, Xavi, Messi, Pedro) are the remnants of Pep's team. Players...
  18. BarçAjax8

    Martin Montoya

    +1 Well said. In addition to Montoya I simple cannot understand why Bartra can't get a decent run of matches. He's currently better than Pique and more sound @ CB than Mascherano. Bartra - Mathieu - Alba should be 3 of our 4 defenders leaving Montoya/Alves to battle to start. Lucho has to be...
  19. BarçAjax8

    Pep Guardiola

    WOW :worthy: Irreplaceable!
  20. BarçAjax8

    Lliga: Real Madrid - FC Barcelona 3-1

    Great post!:yes: I hear what you're saying but I'd like to argue 2 sides to this... On one hand yes, Lucho should be given the freedom to make this HIS team and play them how he wants and not try to recreate Cruyff/Pep's style. To continue to try to recreate that same magic will only hinder our...

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