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  1. Blue Demon

    Confederations Cup 2013 - Final: Brazil 3-0 Spain

    Huge respect to Japan. Great match. At least they deserved the tie.
  2. Blue Demon


    Duncan is a beast tonight. See if they hold a little more.
  3. Blue Demon


    Heard about that too. He wants to focus on champions league before coming back. But we do need him now.
  4. Blue Demon

    Confederations Cup 2013 - Final: Brazil 3-0 Spain

    Gio. Keep it up in second half please.
  5. Blue Demon


    We need this guy back or someone else after the Confederations Cup. Chepo is Vergara's boy and should have been Vucetich. Hopefully he won't have bigger say in the next selection process.
  6. Blue Demon


    The bad thing is that I think they have to play here in the U.S. A lot of talk on Espn Deportes and BeIn stating that he might not be around if they end up in fourth. For sure they'll be in the WC, it's their performance that is worrying me. The games against Italy and Brasil (starting this...
  7. Blue Demon


    Looks like Brasil won the Toulon tourney. As for Mexico, I think they can take Costa Rica tomorrow. That is if they are not careful because they way they are, Costa Rica can surprise them. A lot of talk of Chepo de la Torre getting the ax if they keep up this shape. It was frustrating against...
  8. Blue Demon

    New Kits Thread

  9. Blue Demon


    That's what I suspected.
  10. Blue Demon

    Alexis Sanchez

    That was an insane damage to his vehicle. Very lucky to be alive.
  11. Blue Demon


    Let's hope the future is promising. The kids always are good and their teams show talent. Yet something happens to them when they get to the senior level. Needed GDS in game with Nigeria. Let's hope all goes well this week.
  12. Blue Demon

    Thiago Alcantara

    I guess Tito is tossing it to his court then. All rides on Thiago's choice.
  13. Blue Demon

    Eric Abidal

    Thank you for everything King Abi!
  14. Blue Demon

    Club América

    Partidazo! What a game! Congrats to America! They deserved to win. That red card on Molina was a harsh one. Though I thought they played as if they wanted more. Great game. Congrats! :beer2:
  15. Blue Demon

    Club América

    Good luck to America. Sure to be a good game!
  16. Blue Demon

    Cristiano Ronaldo - v1

    He'll stay. For now he is happy, till his next mood swing.
  17. Blue Demon

    New 2013-2014 kits

    I have a feeling those line designs on the regular kits will be at the wrists of the long sleeves. But who knows?
  18. Blue Demon

    New 2013-2014 kits

    Saw the goalkeeper kit there. Doubt if it'll have that design on the sleeves, but I think it would be nice if they did.
  19. Blue Demon

    Neymar - v2

    Yes. Nice to lock him early.

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