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  1. beef-supreme

    Daniel Alves

    I've said it once, over a month ago, and I'll say it again... "It's not about the money. And he's not an idiot. Your statement is extremely subjective and biased. It is easy for a barca fan to say that. But there are only two kinds of people who could unconditionally agree with what you have...
  2. beef-supreme

    Jeffren Suarez

    What the fuck is with Jeffren?!? I'm going to try and re-create his season Late entry into the squad because of injury during pre-season.... ---> Makes his return. Injured first game back. Recovers ---> Makes his return. Injured first game back. Recovers. ---> Makes his return. Plays 10...
  3. beef-supreme

    Thiago Alcantara

    In all fairness I would have thought it ideal for him to play against Betis... However, the Betis selection aside, it is ideal for him to be training with the first team but being selected for the B team. Cause if he gets called up for every first team match, and plays 5 or 10 mins as a sub (and...
  4. beef-supreme

    Worst FCB buy of the decade

    I simply CANNOT believe how many people have voted Zlatan. These must all be people who have never seen Barca before 2005/06. Also Overmars was a bad signing in terms of value for money but there is no reason for him to be second. Just because he was so expensive he was only slightly more than...
  5. beef-supreme

    Gerard Deulofeu

    Ok cause i haven't seen anything in sport; they'd better just stay rumours...
  6. beef-supreme

    Ibrahim Afellay
  7. beef-supreme

    Dinamo Zagreb

    Oooh wow, that's really frightening...! I don't know much about him and therefore I'm not qualified to make a judgement but at a glance he is a disgusting individual...
  8. beef-supreme

    Gerard Deulofeu

    What a d-bag if he leaves... Clearly he acts like a d-bag just generally in his private life, and on his facebook, but to make a professional choice like this? Bah! Is he really leaving though?
  9. beef-supreme

    Frank Bagnack

    I saw this, what a freaky injury :(
  10. beef-supreme

    Pedro Rodriguez

    In my opinion Pedro not passing to Torres really embodied the general consensus that everyone felt Torres was shite. There were a few people who kept backing Torres in spite of his weakness in the qualifiers but particularly the early games, but even they were silenced in the end. This is not to...
  11. beef-supreme

    FC Barcelona Tactics

    Haha! Pretty sweet youtube channel :D
  12. beef-supreme

    Andres Iniesta

    That advert will always make me smile :)
  13. beef-supreme

    Positive Thinking Cules

    That was just a scintillating half-year of football, and I am so happy to have witnessed it. I'll be hoping for an equally fantastic 2011!
  14. beef-supreme

    Xavi Hernández

    In all honesty if playing 2 games a week causes Xavi to perform like he did against Bilbao in the Copa i'd rather him not play twice...
  15. beef-supreme

    Most Memorable performace from a Barca player.

    Some memorable performances: Messi vs. Madrid in Barca (3-3) Messi vs. Getafe in the Copa (Maradona goal) Sylvinho vs. ManU in the CL final (epic performance) Belletti vs. Arsenal in the CL final
  16. beef-supreme

    Best CB Pair In The World?

    Spain plays with 1 striker, 2 if Torres is fit - no way 3. They also play with two DMs. Barca will play a 4-3-3 or a 4-3-1-2, whereas Spain play 4-2-3-1 or 4-2-2-2. In any case Samuel and Lucio and Vidic and Rio are never exposed to counter-attacks like Puyol and Pique. Rio and Vidic are...
  17. beef-supreme

    Best CB Pair In The World?

    It's not though. Completely different formation, quite a few different players, different style of competition played in against different opponents... The style of play is similar and there are many players shared by the two teams, but it would be an overstatement to say it's more or less the...
  18. beef-supreme

    Trance or House?

    I like a bit of both. If it is about a night out though, house for me, because I find it gets me in the party mood better. So overall more house.
  19. beef-supreme

    Best CB Pair In The World?

    That's fine, but you have to think about Puyol-Pique in the NT context too. So i think that it's a bit too easy to say "outside their system" - because Spain don't play the same system or face the same opponents as Barca.
  20. beef-supreme

    Daniel Alves

    :lol: epic!!!!

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