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    La Liga | Round 23: FC Barcelona - Atletico Madrid 4-2

    Adama for president!!!
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    CL | Round 3: FC Barcelona - Dinamo Kiev 1-0

    Why stadium so empty?
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    La Liga | Round 2: Athletic Bilbao - FC Barcelona

    Eric Garcia looking like very bad news
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    Barca Transfers and Rumors

    Looks like we won?t be signing anyone, anyways. This period is such a miserable one that I need company 😢😂
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    Positive Thinking Cules

    Maz oh mazz ... where fort are thou?!
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    FC Barcelona tickets: questions and info

    Thank you! Another question, we have a few days between games, have you been to Ibiza? Is it worth going or would we be better off staying in Barcelona or maybe France? Any other recommendations or cities to visit in Spain? Our hotel is called Melia (in Barcelona) which is in the La Rambla...
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    FC Barcelona tickets: questions and info

    Hi guys. I hope everyone is doing great. I haven't posted in a while so it's possible no one even remembers who the hell i am :( Anyways, my girlfriend and I are going to be at the classico next weekend, and the champions league game at Vicente Calderon, so we're basically going to be in...
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    Lliga: Real Madrid - FC Barcelona 3-1

    We suck today. I love Lucho but we ain't gonna be amazing till like around january. I followed Roma like a groupie.... never saw a Celta game tho just highlights but Lucho is a crowd pleaser and we have the talent to make it happen. Hasn't shown that he's a winner by nature/will yet tho but...
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    Lewis Hamilton u f**n God. Very aggressive and maybe reckless, but that was epic!!
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    Marti Riverola Bataller

    Rumours about LE wanting to get him to Roma.
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    State of La Liga

    They can buy better players, and if the players flop they're likely screwed. We can pay tonnes for a player, ship him off, and replace him with another big player.
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    State of La Liga

    Liga fans like to deny the obvious. We get defensive about almost everything. Barca and Real Madrid will accumulate an insane amount of points again and be out of reach of the others possibly by late January.
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    Neymar - v2

    I think Balotelli is up there too. More hype than substance based on what I've seen
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    Neymar - v2

    I agree with this guy. ^^
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    Yeah men. I'm back!! How u been? Hope u're doing great?

    Yeah men. I'm back!! How u been? Hope u're doing great?
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    Neymar - v2

    U love watching guys gettin nailed don't u?
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    Neymar - v2

    Hahaha sure! But you'll have to jail Pep too. He wanted adebayor when he 1st took over. Just don't put him in the same cell with Mourinho. Jose actually played him. In some big games too. Sooooo... 2 of arguably the best coaches on earth requested a player I rate, after watching him play...
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    Andreu Fontas

    Fontas now officially 1st team player according to sport.
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    Neymar - v2

    If Neymar is ever suggested by anyone to be a Barca signing, that "anyone" must be jailed! Tbh all this media hype and YouTube propaganda is making me skeptical about Alexis Sanchez too:lol: Can't trust public opinion anymore.
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    10 - Lionel Messi - v1

    World Cup is just one tournament. Messi has won more overall than Maradona or anyone else ever dreamed of. That WC argument against Messi is a pile of bollocks IMO. Messi is the football Zeus. The Alpha and Omega.

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