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  1. Givenchy


    He actually wasn't as bad as I thought he'd be, could of had a few goals.
  2. Givenchy

    Euro 2024

    Portugal look shit Can't believe Roberto Martinez keeps landing these jobs
  3. Givenchy

    Euro 2024

    This game is insane
  4. Givenchy

    Kylian Mbappé

    Surely he'll try and play with the face mask? I think he'll be back by the 3rd game. France are fucked without him.
  5. Givenchy

    16 - Fermín López

    50mil and I'd take it. Don't believe these rumors at all though, United aren't looking for this type of midfielder and doubt Fermin would want to leave.
  6. Givenchy

    Euro 2024

    England are shit, we are out vs the first big team we play imo Kane spends most of the time on the floor (like our very own ragdoll), Foden doesn't perform for NTL team and the defense is soft.
  7. Givenchy

    27 - Lamine Yamal

    Modric is 22 years older than him and on the same pitch.. absolutely insane to be starting for Spain and he's totally unfazed, nobody will ever be Messi level talent but the maturity of this kid is something else.
  8. Givenchy

    7 - Ferran Torres

    20mil? Newcastle are having a laugh. 30mil should be bare minimum.
  9. Givenchy

    Kylian Mbappé

    Madrid without Mbappe = win the CL next season. Madrid with Mbappe = win the CL next season. Sad reality
  10. Givenchy

    Hansi Flick

    Just make Barca entertaining to watch again, that is all I ask for next season.
  11. Givenchy

    Real Madrid

    It's incredible how they stay motivated. Some of the players look like winning the CL is just another day in the office but they can turn it on as a team at the flick of a switch. Their CL domination is at a point where, if i were a Madrid fan, I'd be pretty bored of it :lol:
  12. Givenchy

    Champions League 23/24

    lol the standard of today's football is so bad, makes our plight look even worse.
  13. Givenchy

    Champions League 23/24

    Most uninterested I've ever been in a CL final, easy Madrid win number 15? 16? lost count and nobody really gives a shit. just create the super league already thanks.
  14. Givenchy

    Bayern München

    Baited United into Maguire Ripped us off with Ferran Now this.. what a guy
  15. Givenchy

    Premier League 23/24

    the next ten Hag
  16. Givenchy

    Xavi Hernández

    Cheers for giving it your best Maestro. my GOAT midfielder but not my manager. I really hope he can humble himself after this. Find a midtable club in Bundesliga/Italy, get a proper assistant manager to help and work on his management skills in a less pressured environment. Hopefully the days...
  17. Givenchy

    Premier League 23/24

    United should keep ten Hag. They aren't challenging for league titles or CL any time soon so the Tuchel implosion isn't worth it, seems the players have a lot of respect for ETH also.
  18. Givenchy

    Premier League 23/24

    City were so poor today, maybe a one off but it looked like some of their players couldn't be arsed.. in a final no less. Think Pep will bounce after next season.
  19. Givenchy

    Premier League 23/24

    ETH se queda?
  20. Givenchy

    Premier League 23/24

    City players look like they dont give a shit

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