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  1. Never_Forget40

    21 - Frenkie de Jong

    You need to chill, dude. Modric was voted as the worst transfer of 12/13 by the fanbase from Madrid. The fans said that they would give their own money therewith Modric leaves Real Madrid. After the season he became one of the best midfield player ever for them. So lets wait and see, we can...
  2. Never_Forget40

    21 - Frenkie de Jong

    Frenkie's nature is attacking football. Im sure he would be unstoppable in City with Pep. :staringpep::frenkie:
  3. Never_Forget40

    Ernesto Valverde

    You can like comments when you have written atleast 100 posts.
  4. Never_Forget40

    Lionel Messi - v7

    Seems like they have the whatsapp number from Messi :messi:
  5. Never_Forget40

    Paco Alcácer

    Another match, another goal.
  6. Never_Forget40

    Lionel Messi - v7

    With Messi's icecold finishing and the amount of chances which city create every match, he would end up with 40-50 goal in a Premier League season.
  7. Never_Forget40

    How good was Xavi in the 2010-2011?

    Agree with you but Iniesta was also crucial for the treble win. In order I would say: Messi > Neymar > Suarez > Iniesta... so the forth best player in the team and a Top5 midfield player that season.
  8. Never_Forget40

    Neymar Jr.

    A big skill from Zidane was it to find the right words at the right time. He didnt speak a lot during the half breaks of a CL match, gave them some small instructions and let them play . Pep is speaking like a water fall in a break of a big CL match which could confuse some players. Sometimes...
  9. Never_Forget40

    How good was Xavi in the 2010-2011?

    We won 14/15 the treble with Xavi as a bench player but we had Iniesta in God mode that season. I would say if you have one of them in god mode your CL/international title chance increases a lot.
  10. Never_Forget40

    Lionel Messi - v7

    In the first three matches we saw how la liga will be after Messis retirement. It will be more difficult to win it so we need to win as often as possible with him to catch up Real Madrid.
  11. Never_Forget40

    Luis Suárez

    Messis passes and Griezi's icecold finishing could be the key for winning titles this season. Hopefully Valverde realizes.
  12. Never_Forget40

    Lliga | Round 3: Osasuna - FC Barcelona 2-2

    Underrated comment. Aerial ability is one of the most important things in football to win a match when you are worse than your oppenents or they park the bus. Beside Pique we havent got a specialist for headed goals. Suarez had 9 of that type of goals in 15/16 but then only 7 in 16/17, 17/18 and...
  13. Never_Forget40

    Antoine Griezmann

    Seems like every 100mio+ transfer is flopping at Barca :lol: Nevertheless Im sure we will see the real Griezmann when Messi is back who is able to feed him with useful passes.
  14. Never_Forget40

    Lionel Messi - v7

    Hopefully he is back after the international break as if Atletico wins today we would be 5 points behind them. I dont fear Real Madrid but Atletico could be a big danger this season.
  15. Never_Forget40

    21 - Frenkie de Jong

    He had dominated the midfield against Real Madrid and Juventus last season and people call him overrated :lol:
  16. Never_Forget40

    21 - Frenkie de Jong

    Cool down guys, I am following this kid since 3 years and I can guarantee you that he doesnt even showed 50% of his potential. Give him time and he will surprise everyone here.
  17. Never_Forget40

    21 - Frenkie de Jong

    Are you really saying that Frenkie De Jong who was the best midfield player last season is suddenly overrated ?:messi:
  18. Never_Forget40

    Sadio Mane

    Absolutly, Mane and Salah are often selfish in many situations while Firmino only shoots if there isnt a better option. Really like his attidude.
  19. Never_Forget40

    Matthijs de Ligt

    Dreadful second half from him. Atleast he is only 19 so he has plenty time to improve but this season could be difficult for Juve without Chiellini.
  20. Never_Forget40

    Lliga | Round 3: Osasuna - FC Barcelona 2-2

    Another big problem is that we are missing a leader like Puyol on the pitch

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