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  1. Darko

    Pep Guardiola

  2. Darko

    10 - Lionel Messi - v4

  3. Darko

    Ivan Rakitić

    De Gea to Barca confirmed?
  4. Darko

    Manuel Agudo Durán(Nolito)

    Off to City it seems, makes sense. He's a bit old for a Pep signing but I can see it working out.
  5. Darko

    Gareth Bale

    I beg to differ.
  6. Darko

    Alexis Sanchez

    The standout player of this year's Copa alongside Messi, absolutely on fire.
  7. Darko

    RCD Espanyol de Cornella

    Damn, I liked Sanchez Flores.
  8. Darko


    I hate Pjaca, he's the croatian Raheem Sterling, dribbles past 2 players then loses the ball.
  9. Darko

    Euro 2016

    Because they're shit? Sometimes things just are the way they seem, why do people constantly make excuses and theories, when Messi was playing below par he was saving himself for the World Cup/Copa, when Russia plays poorly it's because they are already out and UEFA told them to lose, the Torres...
  10. Darko

    Gareth Bale

    Lets not get ahead of ourselves, he scored 2 lucky free kick goals and in the third game the whole team played well, Ramsey was MOTM, not Bale. So yeah, talks of a Ballon D'or are pretty far fetched.
  11. Darko


    They'll end up with Xhaka being their only signing.
  12. Darko

    Copa America 2016 - Centenario!

    Oh god, not Tata's BBQ again. Di Maria's injury was a blessing in disguise, Gaitan is a much better fit for Argentina.
  13. Darko

    Copa America 2016 - Centenario!

    One of Colombia, Mexico or Argentina is going to win it. I've enjoyed watching Mexico play and Colombia has some great players but it's Argentina's tournament to lose. It's literally now or never for Messi and co. with Uruguay out, Brazil out and Chile looking a shadow of what they were under...
  14. Darko


    The talent! :worthy: Unfortunately they also have the Tata.
  15. Darko

    10 - Lionel Messi - v4

    :lol: Argentina can barely beat Honduras. Unless they decide to get rid of Tata tommorow, Messi is unlikely to win it.
  16. Darko

    Domenico Berardi

    He's going to Juve, it's a done deal basically.
  17. Darko

    Transfers and Rumours - old thread

    He's not yet finished, I don't see him leaving Europe. United seems like the perfect destination, he gets to work with Mou and play against a Pep team.
  18. Darko

    New 2022-2023 Barca kits

    Great kit, looks very old school.
  19. Darko

    10 - Lionel Messi - v4

    :lol: What a drama queen, first of all neither Masche nor Alves will leave, and even if they for some reason left, to even suggest that Messi would leave with them after all these years is insulting.
  20. Darko

    Granit Xhaka

    Wasn't he flop of the Bundesliga a season or two ago? And he's constantly getting yellows and reds, don't know why Arsenal were so interested. Then again, it is Wenger.

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