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  1. barcanuck

    Luis Suárez

    Luis will be 33 in January this has to be his last year relying on him as the starting #9.
  2. barcanuck

    Philippe Coutinho

    I think it's more the coaching than the board that bought him. Coutinho was on fire at Liverpool but Velverde constantly treating him as strictly LW and always subbing him ruined him. He should of been playing all over the place midfield, behind the strikers and way more freely.
  3. barcanuck

    Real Madrid

    This. It's simple he's not motivated and wants to re-unite with his boy toy Penaldo.
  4. barcanuck

    Real Madrid

    I don't get how 2 coaches managed to Alienate Marcelo and Isco. Has to be a huge story there.
  5. barcanuck

    Luis Suárez

    The best ever dummy striker = Luisito!
  6. barcanuck


    Had some very nice Xavi type moments for sure, but doesn't have the Iniesta to combine with as the midfield is pretty cut and dry with Busi and Raki. I would like to see him more in the final 3rd.
  7. barcanuck

    Nelson Semedo

    I just don't see anything more than what we already have seen in this guy. Not a star and will go by way of the Marty Montoyas of the world.
  8. barcanuck


    ^Funny and annoying how his CL drought has hit 7 years!
  9. barcanuck


    They rebuild their team quick, that's why they are the factory of all factories of football. Always ask yourselves what would Pep do with their lineup: Ederson Danilo - Marquinos - Marcelo Coutinho - Arthur - Casemiro - Costa Neymar - Firimino - Gabi Jesus
  10. barcanuck

    Luis Suárez

    Not very many potential replacements unless we target Firmino, Lukaku and Gabi Jesus. Otherwise I would actually for the first time look at the best player in MLS. Maybe Tata can do us a solid.
  11. barcanuck

    Luis Suárez

    Still need him, he's streaky he'll get going and will get a roll. Not worried.
  12. barcanuck

    Serie A

    This Juve Chievo sounds like old Real games.
  13. barcanuck

    Paul Pogba

    Another Winter Solider :rockon:
  14. barcanuck

    Thibaut Courtois

    Total Perez purchase, if Navas was any type of European or South american they would of been hailing him as the King Iker successor. Only 3 straight CL's and you treat him like trash. Upset for Navas always liked him this is not deserved.
  15. barcanuck

    Arturo Vidal

    God I hope he doesn't get drunk and crash his car into the Gaudi monuments.
  16. barcanuck

    Yerry Mina

    He checks out the Mourinho check list. Is he Huge and can he Head the ball. Done and done send us the check Mou.
  17. barcanuck

    Arturo Vidal

    Kinda feels like the Masche replacement project here. If healthy he would add muscle and heading abilities.
  18. barcanuck

    Alphonso Davies

    Still I think this is the perfect time to break into the Bayern winger situation as Robben and Ribery are like 100 years old and Coman is meh.
  19. barcanuck


    Reminded me of Xavi quite alot yesterday may have struck some gold here.
  20. barcanuck


    Why the heck didn't Brazil start this guy at the World Cup instead of relying on oldies like Fernandinho, Paulihno and Renato Augusto it should of been Arthur time.

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