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  1. BusiTheKing

    27 - Lamine Yamal

    My take is that if we're ruining him in any way, it's by depriving him of creative companions. Messi developed into the player he did by having Alves, Xavi, Iniesta, Ronaldinho to play off of. Not only does Yamal not have that sort of quality to play off of, he has no-one around him to...
  2. BusiTheKing

    19 - Vitor Rawke

    He has no instinct of his surroundings or how to move with the ball. Doubt he'll ever suceed at any level of European football.
  3. BusiTheKing

    27 - Lamine Yamal

    Very different play style. With how Yamal exerts himself in games, it doesn't make a huge difference if he's playing against senior or U19 opposition. First team might actually be more prudent than b-team in regards to physical toll.
  4. BusiTheKing

    La Liga Round 37: Barca - Rayo Vallecano 3-0

    Struggling to play it out of our own half against Rayo Vallecano.
  5. BusiTheKing

    Ernesto Valverde

    It was obvious that pretty early on in his tenure here his relationship with the group had fallen into a sort of mutually tolerable impasse. He correctly sensed that the locker room presence of certain senior players meant that there was a limit to how hard he could push things without...
  6. BusiTheKing

    Let's talk about Xavi's replacement (2024)

    I'd like someone who can attract some talent. Fit wise it's always a gamble anyway. Be ok with Rafa, I guess. Conceicao I don't get.
  7. BusiTheKing

    8 - Pedri

    Too many cute passes that make no difference. In the end it's Roberto who ends up with an assist because he had the balls to make an actual attacking move.
  8. BusiTheKing

    8 - Pedri

    When Pedri was playing AM he didn't score either tho.
  9. BusiTheKing

    Marc Casadó

    He's no scintillating talent but he's a pretty well rounded player, which we could probably use. Not too slow, good work rate, defensively solid, decent reliable passing.
  10. BusiTheKing

    8 - Pedri

    I don't think he has many hypemen left on here. 2-3 years ago he was a holy cow. Not so much anymore.
  11. BusiTheKing

    8 - Pedri

    He was ok yesterday but it's true that his talents, while obvious, still don't really translate into much of consequence in a regular game of football. The problem is that it's hard to see how exactly he will get any better. He won't get faster, he won't get stronger, and he won't change his...
  12. BusiTheKing

    8 - Pedri

    Yeah good game, nice to see him a bit more active. No synergy between him and Gundo or Christensen though.
  13. BusiTheKing

    19 - Vitor Rawke

    He's only looked pretty shit to me.
  14. BusiTheKing

    FC Barcelona B

    Dani Rodriguez doesn't look like anything to me. Small and sprightly but very limited.
  15. BusiTheKing

    FC Barcelona B

    I want to see this guy Unai for the first team. Seems a tidy, well-rounded player.
  16. BusiTheKing

    22 - İlkay Gündoğan

    Increasingly furious at him for those nonchalant finishes. Those feeble inside foot passes to the keeper. You're not in the park with your kids. Fucking hit it.
  17. BusiTheKing

    Xavi Hernández V2

    Too many losses attributable to mentality. That's on the coach. Half the fucking points we've dropped are us fumbling a lead.
  18. BusiTheKing

    Xavi Hernández

    This ending to the season was pretty distasterly but there was a stretch of games midseason where we genuinely looked like a bottom league team and I have never said that before without a shred of exaggeration.
  19. BusiTheKing

    8 - Pedri

    This idea that used to have a different physical level that he can somehow regain is a bit of an illusion. He's always been a player that appeared in moments and then went missing. People saw the glimpses of talent and ignored the more basic shortcomings. It's just getting more exposed now that...
  20. BusiTheKing

    Marc Bernal

    Gavi is strong on the first few metres but he has absolutely no top speed. Tracking back over distance, he's a liability. Has to do with his way of running.

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