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    La Liga Round 9: Real Madrid - FC Barcelona 3-1

    We will get smoked. For the love of god no more Busquets please
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    Which jersey is this? Don?t remember this lettering from 2016-17, is it legit?
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    La Liga | Round 26: Osasuna - FC Barcelona 0-2

    Prediction for our second leg against PSG?
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    La Liga | Round 5: FC Barcelona - Sevilla 1-1

    We were at home, not Sevilla
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    La Liga | Round 3: FC Barcelona - Villarreal 4-0

    How do you feel about our defense?
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    La Liga | Round 3: FC Barcelona - Villarreal 4-0

    Will Pjanic be enough?
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    Lionel Messi - v7

    Are they actually reporting this?
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    Lionel Messi - v7

    Looks like negotiation with Barto and city begins on Wednesday
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    Lionel Messi - v7

    Haha cheers cuz it is a beautiful kit I gotta say!
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    Lionel Messi - v7

    Honest question here. I just got the new Messi black kit away jersey. Ordered it before all this hoopla and it just came in the mail. Would it be weird to wear it in public since he will most likely never wear the jersey this coming season? I know he?s a legend but it would be odd to wear a kit...
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    CL | 1/4 Final: FC Barcelona - FC Bayern Munich 2-8

    SPORT: Setien considers returning to 4-4-2 with Busquets, Sergi Roberto, De Jong and Arturo Vidal. Messi-Surez, in point. Griezmann, substitute.. Looks like a diamond formation with Vidal may actually end up happening. SPORT got the line up right days before the Napoli match too...
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    Quique Setien

    So just to clarify this is the biggest size you have of it: I wanted to share it on instagram, my friends would get a kick out of it. Hilarious!
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    Quique Setien

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    Quique Setien

    Do you have a higher res version of your avatar?
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    Lionel Messi - v7

    According to TV3, the recovery period is in between 7-10 days; however, if Messi can recover faster he might be on the squad for the Inter game. He is definitely missing the Getafe game. He is certainly to return for the game against Sevilla. Since Inter Milan being a home game, Barca wouldn't...
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    Lliga | Round 7: Getafe CF - FC Barcelona 0-2

    Should we be worried we still haven’t gotten an official update from the club on Messi? I imagine he misses inter and Sevilla as well?
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    Lionel Messi - v7

    I am flying in to Spain with tickets to see Barca play Getafe (sept 28), Inter, and Sevilla Starting to feel like Messi won't play in any of those.
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    Bringing a small backpack to the Barcelona-Bilbao game

    I'm heading from the airport to the game and was wondering if bringing a small backpack would cause issues with entering the stadium. Has anyone gone to a game this season and know what the rules of bringing a small bag? It would mostly be my headphones, passport, and plane tickets in the bag.
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    Copa: Atletico Madrid - FC Barcelona 2-3

    If it end sup 2-2, barca advances by virtue of away goal, yes?
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    Zubizarreta sacked!

    Messi is now following four different Chelsea players on Instagram:

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