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    CL Quarter Final: Barca - PSG 1-4

    Dude, you just contradicted yourself in one post... I agree that I do not need trophies, I just want to watch our style of football... attacking, entertaining, if it works, great... if not, f*** it... but to compare the Chelsea 2012 sucess as a sign to our philosophy... I would be embarassed to...
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    4 - Ronald Araújo

    Center backs usually peak later, for their position it is more about positioning, mentality, leadership, experience then technique which comes more natually... Yes, he did make quite a few mistakes over the last year, but the leadership factor with him is there, the rest comes with the...
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    CL Quarter Final: Barca - PSG 1-4

    It was blatantly obvious what was coming just 4-5 minutes after the red card... everyone looked just dead... very stupid decision from Araujo, even if he let Barcola past him and he scored, at 1:1 and with 11 on 11 we would still be the favorites... gutted that exactly PSG eliminated us and we...
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    Liga Round 25: Barca - Getafe 4-0

    Then Greenwood will score a screamer out of nowhere for 1:2 and we will manage to take a point in 96th minute with a header from Araujo... and Xavi will say we were unlucky in the press conference after the game :D
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    Liga Round 25: Barca - Getafe 4-0

    Even non league English clubs would have scored at least 2-3 goals given the chances created so far... we do play good today but the final passes/finishing is unaccaptable for this level
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    19 - Vitor Rawke

    That too as well, but didn't want to mention it as even without it that foul was not for yellow card... unfortunately as usual this will never be overturned now and I would have loved it to see him start against Granada and see him when he plays more minutes
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    19 - Vitor Rawke

    Never a second yellow for me, he did try everything to avoid contact once he saw he cant get the ball...
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    Liga Round 21: Barca - Villarreal 3-5

    Embarrassing... that tiki taka in the penalty area was hilarouis
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    Jürgen Klopp

    I am pretty certain he has been thinking about leaving for quite a while but kuddos that he stayed for the rebuild after Mane, Firmino, Keita, Henderson, Milner etc had to be replaced and he will leave the club in a really good way. It is more than obvious he loves everything about Liverpool...
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    Xavi Hernández

    I get your points and totally agree with them... but at the same time what worries me is that I don't see the pathern, the vision of what Xavi is trying to establish and work on... I understand we are a work in progress given all the circumstances, but I can't see and understand what is the...
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    Xavi Hernández

    That Abde sub was horrendous given what you had on the bench... When it is all about improvement, since we won La Liga last year, let him improve on that before getting him a new contract....
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    La Liga Round 1: Getafe - Barca 0-0

    Gavi has Barca in his heart and it shows but he is not a starter if we want to achieve something big at this point... it is what it is... I would honestly give Ansu couple of starts ahead of Lewa... he has been out for alnost two years and he gets some minutes alongside Lewa who just feels too...
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    La Liga Round 1: Getafe - Barca 0-0

    Not sure if you are trolling but if you think the foul against Araujo was not clearest one I have no words... even the mighty var saw it as a foul and just decided to check the Gavi "tricky" handball
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    Ansu Fati (loaned to Brighton)

    He was brought in the 80th minute... you expect him to crush the opponent... He should have been in at half time no matter if we were a man down, Getafe was playing 10 at the back either way... to put him behind Abde in the pecking order was a terrible decision
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    La Liga Round 1: Getafe - Barca 0-0

    Honestly, feck off Tebas and La Liga at this point... Send applications to other leagues and just let them fight for mediocracy
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    Lionel "The Greatest of All Time" Messi V2

    Not sure if it was previously mentioned but Inter Miami are in the semis of the US Open Cup and as far as I see the winner gets a place in the CONCACAF Champions League... So MLS for this season might be a write off, but they surely have something to play for still...
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    Champions League 2022/2023

    Hopefully Benfica can do it just like Porto did in 2003 or 2004... And all that while selling their players to the top clubs for ridiculous amount of money... And just realized that Porto is still in the competition as well, while La Liga is only represented by Real...
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    Lionel "The Greatest of All Time" Messi

    Straight red in a friendly in the first half... wtf happened hahaha... Any working link?
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    Premier League 2022/2023

    That was the easiest offside decision... and the thing is the official raised the flag and then decided to overturn it hahah
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    La Liga 2022/23

    If anything, Foyth touching the ball with his hand actually helped Vini... how lucky are these...

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