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  1. Superfly

    Luan Vieira

    The two Gabriel's are overrated, this kid is the real deal.
  2. Superfly

    Barca Transfers and Rumors

    Yes. Cillesen is awful.
  3. Superfly

    André Gomes

    This guy has absolutely superb locomotion. I will not be shocked if he is a starter over Rakitic by the end of the season.
  4. Superfly

    Barça's Transfers and Rumors

    Henrik Kildentoft is better than Laporte See I can name obscure players to falsely claim they are better than others too
  5. Superfly

    Barça's Transfers and Rumors

    Yeah the three players you mentioned that have to be wikipedia'd are much better :lol: :lol: :lol: Never change Barcaforum. Maybe if Stones was Spanish French or Dutch some respect would be put on his name around here :pique:
  6. Superfly

    Barça's Transfers and Rumors

    Pique; “I think John Stones is a really, really, good player. He will have a good career. He’s like Rio, a bit'' Yes but keep telling yourselves that Stones is terrible based off a half-season with a coach that always left him exposed and say that literal who's are better :lol:
  7. Superfly

    John Stones The dream. Idolo. Make it happen.
  8. Superfly

    Barça's Transfers and Rumors

    None of those players are better than Stones.
  9. Superfly

    Barça's Transfers and Rumors

    He is the best CB prospect that's not already signed up to one of the elites. Name someone better than Stones that's not already in a big club. Laporte isn't better. Go.
  10. Superfly

    Barça's Transfers and Rumors

    Just send 45m to Everton and get Stones. Done.
  11. Superfly

    Daniel Alves

    Can't believe Barca will have Sergi Roberto marauding down the flank like the workhorse he is ffsssssss this club is dead
  12. Superfly

    CdR | 1/8 2nd leg: RCD Espanyol - FC Barcelona 0-2 (1-6 agg.)

    lmao unreal slum mentality to be honest :lol: :worthy:
  13. Superfly

    FC Barcelona B

    Who cares, You seriously telling me you won't play for a club due to rivalry? it's hala madrid all the way if they paid me 5k
  14. Superfly

    FC Barcelona B

    What a joke, kids career is ruined cause some nerds decided to dig around his twitter for something that's 2 years old.
  15. Superfly

    Munir El Haddadi

    How does this kid get games for Barcelona? He's worse than Jeffren
  16. Superfly

    Premier League 2015/16

  17. Superfly

    John Stones

    Better than anybody here
  18. Superfly

    Alexis Sanchez

    people trying to discredit sanchez and act like RM signing him would be a bad thing when munir is currently starting for us :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  19. Superfly

    1 - Marc-Andre ter Ansplant

    How can you even defend him he's cost Barcelona 3 goals in 3 weeks, I for one will be celebrating the day he's sold to Hannover.
  20. Superfly

    1 - Marc-Andre ter Ansplant

    Get this clown out of this club, enough is enough. Should have gone after Courtois instead.

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