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  1. 10Rivaldo


    Meh I'm not a fan of making judgments based on one game, you gotta look at the bigger picture. Just look at how fucking awful Liverpool were before Klopp, and the improvements he made to the team with mostly reasonable spending. Even if Tottenham wins the final, shit happens, that doesn't delete...
  2. 10Rivaldo

    Champions League Semi Final: Liverpool - FC Barcelona 4-3 agg.

    Yeah if you spin it and say, "Valverde won the domestic double twice in two seasons, but he should be sacked cause he didn't win the CL" it sounds extremely entitled, but obviously nuance is key here. Our domestic rivals are going through a transition period where they're playing unbelievably...
  3. 10Rivaldo


    As much as I love Pep, Klopp might just be the best coach in the world.
  4. 10Rivaldo

    Nelson Semedo

    To be fair to Enrique, we were extremely unlucky with our chances against Atletico in 2016, and we were hands down the best team in Europe that season. Sometimes being the best isn't enough to win a knockout tournament, look at City this season. Anyway, I agree that Jardim is more of a risk...
  5. 10Rivaldo

    10 - Lionel Messi - V6

    Nah, he should let the board do their job without interfering. What if, like your hypothetical scenario, Messi tries to get some of the players off the team but they stay because we're unable to find replacements? Now we've got shit players AND tension in the locker room. No thank you. There's a...
  6. 10Rivaldo

    Sergio Busquets

    One thing I noticed...even when he's not misplacing passes, he's making passes that are difficult to control, and by the time his teammates have the ball under control they are under heavy pressure from opponent players. His biggest strength used to be making passes that look simple but are...
  7. 10Rivaldo

    10 - Lionel Messi - V6

    Sorry, I don't understand your point. I'm glad the board takes the players' input when deciding whether to continue with the coach. If Valverde was butt buddies with Messi outside of work and got an extension despite awful results due to his friendship with Messi that would be an issue, but...
  8. 10Rivaldo

    Nelson Semedo

    His best players are sold every transfer window and replaced with unproven talents. Sure, his CV is a bit more blemished compared to Ten Hag or Pochettino, but really not any worse than the likes of Enrique and Rijkaard who both had some awful stints before coming to Barca, and they were still...
  9. 10Rivaldo

    10 - Lionel Messi - V6

    Lol. The whole argument that Suarez has a starting spot on lock because of his friendship with Messi is ridiculous, and appears to be based on some equally ridiculous myth that Messi is some sort of silent dictator. Fabregas was casted out without much fanfare, and Alves was also denied an...
  10. 10Rivaldo

    Neymar Jr.

    Nah fuck that. He'd be great if we were gonna build the team around him, but if we don't do that then all he does is limit others from playing to their full potential...Messi and Alba being the most obvious victims to his ball-hogging style. He's also becoming injury prone, and shameless fucked...
  11. 10Rivaldo

    Nelson Semedo

    Ten Hag feels like a natural match. There's also Jardim. I like Pochettino, but he doesn't seem interested.
  12. 10Rivaldo

    Champions League Semi Final: Liverpool - FC Barcelona 4-3 agg.

    Why are comebacks so common nowadays? I remember when we lost against Milan 2-0 and then won 4-0 back in 2013, that was the first time a team overcame a 2 goal deficit since Champions League re-branding (so first time in 20 ish years). Since then it's been happening once or more every season it...
  13. 10Rivaldo

    7 - Philippe Coutinho - V1

    Honestly :lol: I miss Paulinho
  14. 10Rivaldo

    11 - Ousmane Dembélé - V1

    Dembele started over Coutinho almost every game that he was fit, it's just that he's been injured a lot. The only times Coutinho started over a fit Dembele was in the beginning of the season when Dembele was playing poorly/having attitude issues, and the past couple games because he's been...
  15. 10Rivaldo

    Nelson Semedo

    Yeah exactly my thoughts. I was crying for a Semedo/Coutinho HT substitution. I've honestly been on the fence about Valverde for a while. On one hand we basically play like how Athletic Bilbao would if they had Messi, but on the other hand we manage to squeeze out results in the league and in...
  16. 10Rivaldo

    Clément Lenglet (loaned to Aston Villa)

    I thought he was okay defensively considering he had no help from the midfield...but his distribution was awful. Consistent, quality distribution from the back has been missing since Mascherano left.
  17. 10Rivaldo

    3 - Gerard Pique

    Wasn't bad. Him and Lenglet had no help from the midfield.
  18. 10Rivaldo

    Ivan Rakitić

    Honestly couldn't tell who was worse, him or Busquets. Rakitic was completely invisible, while Busquets was extremely a bad way. Pick your poison :p
  19. 10Rivaldo


    I actually wasn't that impressed by his performance. We gained control of the match because Liverpool were up and started sitting back and pressing less, not because of Arthur. In fact he missed some clear opportunities to put our runners through and lost possession towards the end of the game...
  20. 10Rivaldo

    10 - Lionel Messi - V6

    Over 2 legs he scored 2 goals (1 out of absolutely nowhere) and created numerous chances. It's hard to blame Messi at all for the result, but I understand he'll get a brunt of the blame since he's our star player. That's just the way it is. Having said that, kind of ridiculous how some posters...

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