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  1. Cruijffista

    Lionel "The Greatest of All Time" Messi

    Sounds like I got my hopes up for nothing.
  2. Cruijffista

    Lionel "The Greatest of All Time" Messi

    Laporta is probably trying something like having Messi sign with Newell's Old Boys and then loaning Messi to Barcelona. Not sure if it will work but it's worth one last try. Unless Tebas and La Liga are capitulating and realize nobody is going to watch the league outside of hardcore fans.
  3. Cruijffista

    Arturo Vidal

    Won't make or break for Barca for 18M. He could be vital in the Clasicos. Ramos better pack his lunch, Vidal won't put up with his non-sense.
  4. Cruijffista

    Paul Pogba

    If Barca can really pull this off, it would be the perfect window. Even with the Vidal signing, we still need a CM like Pogba or Thiago.
  5. Cruijffista

    Arturo Vidal

    For less than 20M, it's neither a move to be excited or mad over. He'll be a squad player to rotate at this point and that's okay. Coutinho must be moving into the role of Iniesta.
  6. Cruijffista

    Paul Pogba

    Would be amazing if Abidal can pull this one off.
  7. Cruijffista

    Preseason US Tour 2018

    Vidal shouldn't be playing.
  8. Cruijffista

    Adrien Rabiot

    Stop dealing with PSG, now and forever. If they ever want one of our players, no discussion or negotiating, pay the release clause and the taxes involved with it. Why do we even bother with them. Just sign Thiago and Hazard and call it a summer.
  9. Cruijffista

    Eden Hazard

    Would be amazing if Bartomeu could pull this one off.
  10. Cruijffista

    Eric Abidal

    Abidal should sue if serious accusations like this can not be proven.
  11. Cruijffista

    Eric Abidal

    1014392211381735424 Link to the story: What's going on here? This might end up being a huge scandal. I absolutely hope this isn't true.
  12. Cruijffista

    El Confidencial is claiming Rosell bought Abidal an illegal liver in 2012

    1014392211381735424 Link to the story: Nothing has been proven yet but this might end up being a huge scandal. Would Abidal have to resign? I absolutely hope this isn't true.
  13. Cruijffista

    Barca Transfers and Rumors

    10138322953864724481013832588727762944 I'd love to invest that Griezmann money into these 2 kids. Get that Barca/Ajax connection going again. If we bring in de Jong, sell Paulinho. Paulinho is a good player but just doesn't fit our system or philosophy.
  14. Cruijffista

    Matthijs de Ligt

    Has a very similar profile to Pique. Rumors are circulating today that Barca might invest 90M into purchasing both de Jong and him. I'd love it.
  15. Cruijffista

    Thiago Alcantara

    And they'll get rejected of course. New rumors circulating that Barca might invest 90M into de Jong and de Ligt. I wouldn't be mad at that move either. It would feel nice to get that Barca/Ajax connection going again.
  16. Cruijffista


    Iniesta showed this jokester how it is done. He offered nothing in the double-pivot with Busquets. Thiago is a superior midfielder.
  17. Cruijffista

    Thiago Alcantara

    I was thinking more like 40-50M. Bayern realistically can't ask for more then that. Thiago would make our team stronger but I do agree he's not the one-stop solution.
  18. Cruijffista

    Andres Iniesta

    That 2010 squad had real leadership and character. It was beautiful to see them unite like voltron and rule football for the 4 years they did.
  19. Cruijffista

    Andres Iniesta

    But yeah, Xavi was the motor and brains behind both Pep's Barca and La Roja's 2008-12 run. They'll never be anybody like Xavi and Iniesta ever again. To think they came from La Masia is a testament to the club. I've missed Xavi and I'll certainly miss Iniesta. I just loved watching them play.
  20. Cruijffista

    Andres Iniesta

    It really is the end of an era. Iniesta deserved better than to be benched, most of the chances and ideas were flowing through him and Isco throughout the tourney. Saddens me to know I'll probably never watch Iniesta ever play again unless I catch some random Chinese game.

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