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  1. Le catalan

    Pep Guardiola

    Really I don't understand why Pep insists in 3-4-3 !!! I remember against valence 2-2 !!!
  2. Le catalan

    Jose Mourinho

    I want to ask you if you are satisfied with behaviour of Mourinho??Reaction after goals or refrees or answering of some question about other team??? Big coach like Creuff,Pep,Sir,Anchelotti,lippi aren't like him.They are respected by old supporters not like Mourinho!!!!!!! And about heating...
  3. Le catalan

    Jose Mourinho

    Mourinho will hate football next year with real madrid after losing the clasico!!!!!!!! Remember Me!!!!!!!
  4. Le catalan

    Yaya Toure

    Manchester United will offer 21 million £ for Yahya!!!!!!!
  5. Le catalan

    New members

    I'm tunisian.I'm23years old.I love barca and esperance sportive of tunis!!!!! I want to discuss with cules!!!! Visca Barca!!!!! Catalounya is not SPAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Le catalan

    Yaya Toure

    I'm totally agree with you.I hope that Cules remember the last season in CL,in particular the semi final against chelsea when yahya played as a defender.:flagvl8::flagvl8::flagvl8::flagvl8::flagvl8::flagvl8::flagvl8::flagvl8::flagvl8::flagvl8::flagvl8::flagvl8:

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