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    New 2023-2024 Barca kits

    Way too expensive these days
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    Xavi Hernández

    You're all misguided, glory hunters! Actually, quite disrespectful to talk about Xavi's replacement when he's doing a decent job, some poor form and you think we need to sack him? crazy. Xavi Manager Record Further Proof Xavi Is Doing Well You can't win every season
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    6 - Gavi

    I read this post around Gavi and I'm actually so excited for him. I think we would be stupid to sell because we've actually got 2 midfielders who will be in the team for the next 10 years!
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    Xavi reflects on poor Osasuna win

    We will always take 3 points no matter what.
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    New 2023-2024 Barca kits

    Looks so good!

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