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  1. barcetia

    10 - Lionel Messi - v4

    Minute 80. By far the worst player on the pitch, unfortunately.
  2. barcetia

    Real Madrid

    Last season was the one season he did remarkably good on headers though. Like he's always been great but last season was special when it came to headers. Im standing by my original point that it might just be a fluke, that he just outta nowhere became much better with his head. I get your point...
  3. barcetia

    Real Madrid

    I strongly disagree. Take away Ronaldo's heading ability you still have the second best player in the world. Take away his scoring ability, you now have an older more experienced and better version of Jese. Take away his pace, you have Hulk minus the finishing. So I would rate his heading...
  4. barcetia

    Real Madrid

    Just because Ronaldo scored x amount of headers doesn't make him any better or worse at it than he was before. It's like the argument when discussing if player X and player Y which one is better.. The amount of trophies(which would in this argument be amount of goals) is irrelevant. Ronaldo is...
  5. barcetia

    Marco Verratti

    Saying Verratti is on the same level as Pirlo is like saying Samper is almost better than Zidane. There's a reason why Pirlo is considered being a legend. Verratti is still a kid
  6. barcetia

    Paul Pogba

    Never wanted a player as much as I want Pogba for Barcelona. He's magic. #bringbacktheZLAT
  7. barcetia

    Arda Turan

    Why exactly would he do better with a premier league team? He's not particularly fast. In the EPL, pace is a pretty important factor for a winger which he would play there. Although not everything, we still see Bale struggling cuz his inability to find ground to run on which wasn't a problem in...
  8. barcetia

    Barça's Transfers and Rumors

    Why do people even care if he loves the club or not? Does it matter if he was a fan? If he does good we will like him. If not we won't regardless if he does good or not. Oleguer loved Barca you know
  9. barcetia

    Barça's Transfers and Rumors

    City and PSG.
  10. barcetia

    Barça's Transfers and Rumors

    Pedro is a non factor nowadays anyways. Arda is probably gonna be offloading for the wings and play more frequently in the middle on Iniestas position, seeing that Lucho likes to rotate.
  11. barcetia

    David de Gea

    Hmm I think it would be wiser to do the opposite. Try to milk Madrid as much as you can, the further you go the more desperate they get.. Because right now you have a Valdes who is still in pretty ok age so you can have in play for a year before you carefully pick out which goalkeeper would suit...
  12. barcetia

    Arda Turan

    Have any of you not liking this player watched Atletico play this season? Outside the Barca vs Atletico games? Serious question not trying to belittle anyone. Hes a really solid player
  13. barcetia

    Barca elections 2015

    If Bartomeu wins the election, I am gonna be so pissed off. Honestly I feel like even Laporta doesnt deserve it and Benedito should win. Love that guy.
  14. barcetia

    Real Madrid

    hmm i dno about that.. he has an ooze going around him I can see why you like him so much. its a thing that only time will tell we can sit and discuss it for long but nothing will change :P I hope youre wrong thov
  15. barcetia

    Arda Turan

    He will be a great signing. Rakitic style
  16. barcetia

    Transfers and Rumours - old thread

    I dont believe it's to balance the books. Since he was subbed a lot in late inter season I believe Mancini stopped believing in him. So I think he wants to opt for another player. Di Marzio: Shaqiri will stay at Inter
  17. barcetia

    Real Madrid

    Don't even know why you're sad about Morata. Sure he scored goals against you but it's not like he was Real standard or even close at Juve or Real. He can and would only be a supersub, which he won't accept until a few years so going for Llorente isent that bad since he is easily disposable to...
  18. barcetia

    Real Madrid

    Old man are you still alive? ;) hope you and Your family are doing well
  19. barcetia

    Viktor Fischer

    Hate Allsvenskan as I'm from Sweden but Tobias Sana is such a crisp player. Really easy on the eye with lovely passes and dribbles. He can become something.. although Ajax > Göteborg so we'll see if he can live with the demands.
  20. barcetia

    Sergi Juste

    There were.. Edu Campadabal but he was sold..

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