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    Mesut Ozil

    Mesut Özil: "In my era, El Clasico was the biggest game itw. Nowadays, the focus is more on Liverpool vs. Man City or Premier League games. But that's not Real Madrid's fault, they're one of the best teams itw. Barça have declined. Barça should look at itself & not always complain about the...
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    22 - İlkay Gündoğan

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    La Liga Round 31: Real - Barca

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    Kylian Mbappe to fc barcelona ?

    More chances of Delancey being Pep Guardiola.
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    Mohamed Salah

    His finishing is a joke these days. Him and Diaz are mostly responsible for us not winning the PL and FA Cup.
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    La Liga Round 31: Real - Barca

    3 nil. Araujo hattrick.
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    Barca Transfers and Rumors

    Looking at his performances for Feyenoord, Mats Wieffer seems like the guy Barca should go for. He's tall, defensively strong, cool and composed on the ball and strong in the air. He also possesses great spacial awareness, anticipation and got great athleticism. And he'd cost less than or around...
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    15 - Andreas Christensen

    Barcelona do not want to sell Andreas Christensen. They want to keep him as a pivot in the future too given his performances this season. Moreover, he can also play as a centre-back with full guarantees. Via: @ffpolo [md]
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    Real Madrid

    Ofcourse the "Barca fan" with a Zizou avatar jinxed it in favour of Madrid. Just like he ruined Araujo's career with his voodoo magic. :lol:
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    Real Madrid

    What happens to Rodrygo next season? He's too good to be benched. Will he play as an RW?
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    Europa League

    True. Tell us how likeable Javier Zanetti was?
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    Europa League

    Duh! Duh!
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    Emiliano Martinez 'Dibu'

    Will play in the CL next season
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    Europa League

    Ronald Roma Araujo :araujo:
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    Europa Conference League

    Stop bumping this shit thread and post it in the Europa thread, child. :messi:
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    Europa League

    Dibu dancing again :lol:
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    Europa League

    Dibu > MATS Bring him home ya Catalan cunts!
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    Europa League

    Dibu is a beast wtf
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    Europa League

    Name the goalscorer ya lazy cunts.
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    Jack Grealish

    Nah. He has brilliant touch and technique. He follows Pep's instructions. Watch his Villa clips. Why does Pep start him in every big game? Like someone from the Caf said, Grealish is the modern day Ronaldinho. @jamrock

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