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  1. pattegrisen

    3 - Gerard Pique

    Its true we dont need the old stuff back but its only one example , He is behaving like a cunt more or less all the time and only saying things what suits him for the moment . Isnt he the player with most red cards in laliga history ? And plays for real madrid ..He said the right words but will...
  2. pattegrisen

    Real Madrid

    Yep and barca almost always get one of the 2-3 good teams =) Like last year english,french,german and italian champions
  3. pattegrisen

    Cristiano Ronaldo - v1

    Its scary how you could take cristianos personality as a good thing
  4. pattegrisen

    Cristiano Ronaldo - v1

    But one difference is that players have to change things they wrote on twitter and lie to make cristiano happy ..
  5. pattegrisen

    Real Madrid

    Haha you could do it the other way around to with bigger difference ?sure teams like cska moskva and apoel are stronger than fc barcelona and atletico madrid
  6. pattegrisen

    CL semis: Bayern - Barca 3-2 (3-5 agg.)

    Yeah offcourse but the difference is so big that every top team would like to have a draw like real madrid and no team would like a draw like barca
  7. pattegrisen

    CL semis: Bayern - Barca 3-2 (3-5 agg.)

    I think it pretty easy when it isnt harder opponents then you normally get in a copa del rey season to get to a Cl final. And the only german team that is good is bayern anyway
  8. pattegrisen

    Real Madrid

    You will get to the final. I hate fucking draws and real madrid .. With these draws i wonder if it inst easier to win the Cl than copa del rey for you
  9. pattegrisen

    CL semis: Bayern - Barca 3-2 (3-5 agg.)

    This draw is bad for the league to..Its less chance that madrid will drop points now and se them more or less in the final already.. 4 of 5 draws are excatly the opposite of what im hoping for.But i hope we good form and a good day in the important games and we could win it all just much harder...
  10. pattegrisen

    Gareth Bale

    I think it will be a struggle to the end in la liga and you got even bigger chance if athletico wins in cl. Never underestimate the refs in laliga you will for sure get your chances
  11. pattegrisen

    Real Madrid

    everything? You had more injurys this year because you almost never rotate ..its a choice from the manager thats about it. The refs is going madrids way like every year and the schedule to. Not to talk about the draw in cl almost every year.
  12. pattegrisen

    10 - Lionel Messi - v3

    Yes alot of people cant understand that it is a teamsport . In sweden the barca hate is pretty strong and many people say that messi cant be the best of all time unless he wins a world cup. But then i always say that with that argument Zlatan never can be on the same level as Kennet Andersson...
  13. pattegrisen

    Cristiano Ronaldo - v1

    Why? One less it would be around half of the goals ? And the explanation i think is because madrid counter more on away games
  14. pattegrisen

    CL quarters: Barca - PSG 2-0 (5-1 agg.)

    One bad thing is that we have sevilla away and valencia at home in la liga at the time
  15. pattegrisen

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    In swedish newspaper they say atleast 4 weeks maybe longer
  16. pattegrisen

    Cristiano Ronaldo - v1

    Its so obvious that he is faking the injury because the fans at bernabeu whistled him last home game .. So now he gets more attention
  17. pattegrisen

    UEFA Youth league 13/14 - CAMPIONS!

    how is kristoffer olsson doing ? I saw that he was subbed in and did a penalty goal last game
  18. pattegrisen

    Alen Halilović

    nothing new on him i suppose ?
  19. pattegrisen

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    japp =) and after that the barca hate and the love for mourinho and ronaldo begun its more than embarrassing when you read the comments in aftonbladet for example.. So many of us swedes doesnt understand football at all but have so many opinions
  20. pattegrisen

    Alexis Sanchez

    I think he did ok . And he can do really good in big matches to for example 2 classicos when he scored important goles

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