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  1. kiki#8

    FC Barcelona B
  2. kiki#8

    Marti Riverola Bataller

    How is he doing in Bologna?
  3. kiki#8

    Nextgen Series 2012-2013

    Sandroo. What a finish!
  4. kiki#8

    Andres Iniesta

    Is :pep: there?
  5. kiki#8

    9 - Samuel Eto'o

    I think it's our former player Gabri, yeah he looks a bit like statham :D
  6. kiki#8

    Sergio Busquets

    ...who wasn't correctly marked by Puyol, not Cesc.
  7. kiki#8

    Thiago Alcantara

    Thanks alot man :beer2:
  8. kiki#8

    Thiago Alcantara

    Any videos, Thiago vs Osasuna?
  9. kiki#8

    Cristian Tello

    Except of a goal, wasn't that good at all. Cuenca much better yesterday.
  10. kiki#8

    Pedro Rodriguez

    Worst 45 minutes in history of professional football!
  11. kiki#8

    14 - Javier Mascherano

    :worthy:What a player
  12. kiki#8

    Lionel Enguene

    Was great today those 20 minutes he played.*
  13. kiki#8

    Juvenil B

    Number 8 looks like Iniesta. Who is Munir, any informations about him, scored wonderful goal btw
  14. kiki#8

    Ballon d'Or 2011

    Qatar Bilal Rajab Messi Lionel no vote no vote*:worthy::party1:
  15. kiki#8

    Positive Thinking Cules

    Barca B won :D
  16. kiki#8

    NextGen Series (U19)

    doesn't matter in this competition, important is that he is 19 or younger
  17. kiki#8

    Man of the Match thread

    Thiago Messi* Keita
  18. kiki#8

    Giovani dos Santos

  19. kiki#8

    Rome or wembley

    Wembley for sure

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