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  1. FCB-Michael

    Real Madrid (old thread)

    Maybe this is a hint to Juande. He likes to play with wingers. And signing Kaka... Well, it just doesn`t add up. Or am I making too much out of it?
  2. FCB-Michael


    Bebeto was something. He probably had the strongest shot back in early 90s
  3. FCB-Michael

    Champions League

    ManUtd-Porto Villareal-Arsenal Not much chance for Villarreal I`m afraid. Arsenal is ubeaten for a long time now
  4. FCB-Michael

    10 - Lionel Messi - v1

    I don`t think it`s a question of being the best.
  5. FCB-Michael

    New members

    Hey, sloboy! Welcome onboard
  6. FCB-Michael

    Andres Iniesta

    I wouldn`t throw all people in the same can... You could read a lot of nonsence in Spanish press too, not to mention claims coming from their fans. In the ends everyone is a bit biased towards their own
  7. FCB-Michael

    Yaya Toure

    He played so well for Spain though. And it`s not like Toure is much faster than him.
  8. FCB-Michael

    Indoor football

    Best indoor football :cool:
  9. FCB-Michael

    Pep Guardiola

    Seriously, you guys read that garbage?
  10. FCB-Michael

    Boixos Nois

    They (Boixos) say the Camp Nou is all about merchandise these days.
  11. FCB-Michael


    If we are to look for a backup striker then I`d like to see an established one, like Kanoute. Problem is, African Cup on Nations is scheduled next year so we`d miss both of our strikers ;)
  12. FCB-Michael

    Real Madrid (old thread)

    I guess the young Sanz stands no chance :sad1: Why get rid of Raul? I think he`s a good role model and a legend of Real Madrid. Ramos is a good coach imo. His record would have been perfect hadn`t you lost to Liverpool. But as I gather, Perez doesn`t like him and he prefers Ancelloti. Nice...
  13. FCB-Michael

    Thierry Henry

    Goal against Malaga was his 20th in all competitions
  14. FCB-Michael

    Pichichi Trophy

    Eto has 25 now. Looking at a date of Bojan`s post I realised that it took him a month to score those 2. Still, a good record.
  15. FCB-Michael

    1 - Victor Valdes

    3 clean sheets in a row in La Liga. :cool:
  16. FCB-Michael

    Martin Caceres

    Jaumet is coming out...:laugh:
  17. FCB-Michael

    Injuries and suspensions

    Xavi also out injured. Noone knows what is it, they`ll run some tests soon
  18. FCB-Michael

    9 - Samuel Eto'o

    Found his mojo!
  19. FCB-Michael

    Real Madrid (old thread)

    If they are to sell Sneijder or VdV, I`d take them with both hands
  20. FCB-Michael

    1 - Victor Valdes

    Valdes to renew

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