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    La Liga 2013/2014

    I believe the resault of our game with Atletico in the CL will pan out the rest of the title chase, big psychologic effect on all top three and any one of them could still snatch the title. Way too soon to predict.

    Andres Iniesta

    How about Tata just drops Cesc's ass and lets Iniesta do his thing in the middle, forcing Iniesta on the Left and Neymar on the right to accomadate Senior Cesc is frustrating and is hindering the fluidity we could have with these players at thier more comftarble positions. Cesc has a lot to...

    10 - Lionel Messi - v3

    Thanx for the stats and info ya 8lby! It's quite impressive but i dont think the award is Ronaldo's yet, Messi will not go down easily.

    Pedro Rodriguez

    He might not be in sizzling form nowadays, but i trust pedro to come with the goods in big games due to his experience and great ability. There's no denying his quality

    Marc Bartra

    I think we're being too harsh on him in my opinion, because i barely missed Pique today due to his solid performance. What you have to understand is the way we play provoakes so many movements from players as they try to cover eachother constantly and play a fluid game, I can never blame a...

    Alexis Sanchez

    I dont believe he's trying too hard to score beautiful goals, sometimes he doesnt score because he's trying to be smarter than defenders which ends up losing him the chance. Overall he's been a preditor infront of goal as of late and many of his goals were poacher goals. Wonderful asset to...

    Barça's Transfers and Rumors

    Going balistic on signings would risk the squad becoming unbalanced, give our coach headaches, increase the risk of fallouts, and hurt the club in a financial aspect. Maybe be right to invest heavily if we could but in Key positions! Just defence and GKs otherwise none, i believe.

    Would you give Alexis + cash for Vidal?

    It would seem absurd and simply money wasting for us to sign a CDM with the current squad we have. We dont need him, let alone lose one of our brightest talents in the mix.

    Barça's Transfers and Rumors

    Let's just hope he does for his own sake, he's a really talented footballer and it would be a shame for his career to keep on stagnating as is.
  10. FCBNOF

    Barça's Transfers and Rumors

    I believe you are spot on, our squad is well balanced as there's an aproppriate mix of young, old, experienced, ambitious, world class, and super subs. If we are to have a complete squad for next season i think the only position that might need strengthening is the CB position which will be...
  11. FCBNOF

    1 - Victor Valdes

    Anyone else thinks his injury might be a blessing in disguise? What if he ends up renewing and we dont need a replacement after all.
  12. FCBNOF

    Marc Bartra

    With our current injury woes he should get more and more playing times, im really looking forward for his development. I think he has the potential to really nail-down his starting position in the years to come and this season was his, next year with puyii retired he'll just confirm it. Though...
  13. FCBNOF

    Spanish FA, FC Barcelona sanctioned for international transfers of minors

    Wouldnt be such a disaster should the ban be upheld. They should start Bartra more big-games, and one year with a second rate goalkeeper isnt a problem should our team play it's normal football. Also you never know Oier or Pinto might suprise us, though im hoping Valdes' injury conivnces him to...
  14. FCBNOF

    Hala 7bb Jeddah wenta mn feen mashallah?

    Hala 7bb Jeddah wenta mn feen mashallah?
  15. FCBNOF

    Thierry Henry

    Maybe we could get city to take him off our hands?
  16. FCBNOF

    Franck Ribery

    Ok lets stop all this nonsense and look at the realistic side of this.. Ribery's contract if not extended will expire in the summer of 2011 which means he will be sold in the summer of 2010. Meaning he'll get a transfer to a big club and there will be a bidding war between the richest...
  17. FCBNOF

    14 - Javier Mascherano

    haha :beer2:
  18. FCBNOF

    14 - Javier Mascherano

    Why are we even disscussing bringing mashcerano while we have a great DM in Yaya and a solid youngster in sergio?
  19. FCBNOF

    Gabriel Milito

    He will defanitly start next game alongside Chygy in the make-shift defence with puyol on the right as we have no other choice but to partner him up with Puyol and stick Maxwell on the right again leaving Chygy on the bench.
  20. FCBNOF


    Well to be fair man.. The kid has yet to get his chance as a starter to show the world what he's worth! he was being smootherd at benfica due to good performances of their attack and we'll just have to wait to see how he develops with viola.

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