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    4 - Ronald Araújo

    Good thing we signed and renewed Inigo and Alonso for defensive cover :)
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    14 - João Félix

    have their licenses revoked and send them remedial med school
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    4 - Ronald Araújo

    Is he carrying an injury? His leg has a shit ton of wrapping. Looks out of sorts and not the physically imposing demon we are accustomed to
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    Liga Round 22: Barca - Osasuna 1-0

    We'll be playing with a mixture of Juvenil A and Barca B soon at the things are going. Serious questions should be asked from the fitness and medical teams
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    33 - Pau Cubarsi

    Was fairly decent today, Arnaiz and Budimir were specifically trying to target him but he held his own quite decently
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    22 - İlkay Gündoğan

    that's haram bro
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    19 - Vitor Roque

    almost every one of his runs were ignored by everyone apart from Cancelo and Yamal
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    Liga Round 22: Barca - Osasuna 1-0

    Yamal is 16, being played alot and was tracking their fullback all game.
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    22 - İlkay Gündoğan

    He's being run into the ground
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    Frank Rijkaard

    Frank breaking out his managerial suit
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    Xavi Hernandez

    Weren't Porto struggling in recent times? How has Concenciao's stint been there?
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    Xavi Hernandez

    yup, sad state of affairs, plus can we even afford to sack Xavi?
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    Xavi Hernandez

    We are struggling, level with the Mr and just 3 points clear of Atletico while having a more difficult 2nd half run remaining in the league
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    9 - Robert Lewandowski

    I said non-German
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    European Super League

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    9 - Robert Lewandowski

    Has any non-German player that left Bayern looked good after 6-8 months? Looks like its some special german blend they get given there
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    Liga Round 17: Barca - Almería 3-2

    They are a very tough team that's hard to break down. It'll be a very close contested match between two very good teams.
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    Liga Round 16: Barca - Girona 2-4

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    Xavi Hernandez

    a team vs 11 players today
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    15 - Andreas Christensen

    He should be first choice over Inigo always, use Inigo to rotate

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