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  1. vinni

    8 - Pedro Gonzalez "Pedri"

    Seems he is back in training. Maybe he will be ready for the copa final
  2. vinni

    Liga Round 16: Barca - Girona 2-4

    Do you guys really think fireing Xavi now is a good idea? Last time we switched coach around xmas, things didn't go well at all.
  3. vinni

    2 - Joao Cancelo

    Why are we buying him? We dont really play with a offensive RB anymore and he is 29
  4. vinni

    14 - João Félix

    Personally, i welcome Felix. Our forwards right now are so boring, that any new forward would be a addition
  5. vinni

    Dembele vs Rashford

    Mbappe. If i was in recruit dept. I would be scared to sign any of them. Lets see though. If Qatar procour ManU, maybe they will sign Dembele.
  6. vinni

    Ousmane Dembele

    Yeah true. Maybe im wrong but maybe we played him too much lately. He still seem fragile.
  7. vinni

    Ousmane Dembele

    Such a shame he got injured. He would do well against manu
  8. vinni

    Spanish Supercup Semis: Barca - Betis

    List of where to see the game:
  9. vinni

    World Cup 2022

    Wth, Looked clearly outside on my broadcast
  10. vinni

    Xavi Hernandez

    If i remember right Xavi likes to pick mushrooms and solid dose of magic mushrooms can do the trick as well. That said, no point changing coach now. Give him the year and lets see where we are in the spring. No point going freaking out when we have noone lined up to replace him. New projects do...
  11. vinni

    La Liga Round 2: Real Sociedad - FC Barcelona 1-4

    I doubt Balde will start tomorrow. Our players/starters need match fitness so Alba will play. You know how it goes. If we are lucky, we are going to start to click just before the international break, and when they come back we start sucking again.
  12. vinni

    FC Barcelona Finances

    Haha, i agree its a bit off some places, but i do think it have some valid points. Espcially that our brand and image might be more important mid/long term then our finances.
  13. vinni

    FC Barcelona Finances

    A decent article on why we are selling part of our broadcasting rights:
  14. vinni

    Xavi Hernandez

    It sounds like something more then a coincidence. Will be interesting to see how this story in regard to the super league ends up. Florentino/Laporta seem confident but we are up against UEFA and all the oil clubs. They got alot money...
  15. vinni

    Xavi Hernandez

    What do you mean when you say alienated? Like cut off from the regular marketing stream for UEFA? RomeFC was sponsored by Qatar as their main sponsor since 2018, but seems they are getting a new shirt sponsor this year. Maybe there is a connection here.
  16. vinni

    Xavi Hernandez

    I read UEFA pushed ROME do to that because FCB support the super league. PSG dont ofc. Ill see if i can find the link again Edit: here is a similar story to the one i read. Dunno how thrustworthy this page is...
  17. vinni


    Speaking of Arthur, anyone know how he progressed since he was in FCB? I see he just played 42 games for Juventus since 2020
  18. vinni

    Ousmane Dembele

    Was hoping for some news today in regards to Dembele
  19. vinni

    Official Board Agree To CVC Deal

    Im suprised there are deals that even last 50 years. Most of us are dead by then anyway and for all we know football is gone too. I guess they assume the tv rights will be worth even more in the near future so they theres a huge profit even within the next ten years. (Btw i dont know much...
  20. vinni

    Official Board Agree To CVC Deal

    That makes sense when you say it like that. Any idea how AM, Sevilla and Valencia see the CVC deal?

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