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  1. adil_909

    Lionel Messi - v7

    this is one of the saddest nights as a barca fan. probably second only to when iniesta left the club. bartemeu the bozo should resign first thing tomorrow morning, and then leave the country for his own safety. what a pathetic situation this is. it will take a decade or more to recover from this...
  2. adil_909

    Antoine Griezmann

    We'd be stupid to sign him after all the bad blood. As soon as he starts struggling, or if he doens't start red hot, it will become the distracting story of the season and beyond. Neither party has played their cards right. Would rather get someone else at this point
  3. adil_909

    New proposed crest

    How does removing FCB make it more recognizable? It's easier to argue that removing the initials of the club makes it less recognizable.
  4. adil_909


    thanks for the laughs! this post should win an award!
  5. adil_909

    Andres Iniesta

    also, i'm selfishly hoping he comes to MLS. quality of play here is higher than japan/china, even if he wouldn't make as much $$. but i can see him playing for another 5 years and doesn't make sense to waste all that.
  6. adil_909

    Andres Iniesta

    could someone who speaks spanish / catalan please translate iniesta's speech into english (53:00 - 59:30) thanks in advance! what a legend, what a player, what a man. was in tears watching the ceremony and i'm sure will be again tomorrow!
  7. adil_909

    Our Neymar replacement

    I'll admit I haven't seen too much of Mbappe or Dembele, but both seem very highly rated. I'd pursue Mbappe first because if we can get them then we stop him from joining Madrid which seems like an inevitability sooner rather than later. Seems like he'd be able to grow well here. Would also love...
  8. adil_909

    Barca waiting approval for Arda

    I know I said before that we should wait until January to register our new players, but honestly, with the current team dropping like flies, I say screw it. Get Arda registered!
  9. adil_909

    Barca waiting approval for Arda

    We should not try to get special favors from FIFA/UEFA. If this was a smaller team, would such a loophole even be entertained? We have a ban to uphold, we should be good role models and honor the ban, not find ways around it to suit our short-term needs.
  10. adil_909

    Pedro Rodriguez

    united are going to regret this stupid move, the same way arsenal are regretting not resigning fabregas and allowing him to sign with chelsea. these are dumb decisions that cost teams titles, and cost important people their jobs. or at least they should. good luck trying to break into the...
  11. adil_909

    24 - Thomas Vermaelen

    one of the worst, no doubt about it. ridiculous decision to sign this clown
  12. adil_909

    Gianluca Zambrotta

    when i think of zambrotta, all i can think about is his ridiculous clearance in the champions league game vs. man united that led to our elimination in 08
  13. adil_909

    Lliga: Bilbao - Barca 2-5

    3 points or nothing. this game is more important than el classico. as my ex-football coach used to say, no excuses boys, and no regrets.
  14. adil_909

    Iker Casillas

  15. adil_909

    10 - Lionel Messi - v3

    he'll still have a pretty good shot in 2018, its not like he's going to be a dinosaur in 4 years time. i think people forget how young he is. and it will also give argentina to hopefully get some better strikers to take some of the pressure off of him
  16. adil_909

    10 - Lionel Messi - v3

    of course real madrid fans would want us to sell messi. any barca fan that wants to sell messi should kindly find a new team to support.
  17. adil_909

    Agreement with Arsenal for the transfer of Alexis Sanchez

    congratulations to alexis for securing a move to arsenal, a club where he can expect to start every game and really lead the team like he deserves. he has given 110% for barca every time he's stepped onto the pitch, as others have said, and he's scored some crucial goals for us in the process. i...
  18. adil_909

    10 - Lionel Messi - v3

    two barca legends!
  19. adil_909

    Semifinal: Netherlands - Argentina 0-0 (2-4 pk)

    lavezzi needs to do something today, has been horrible so far. rivaling fred as most useless player in the world cup thus far.
  20. adil_909

    Semifinal: Netherlands - Argentina 0-0 (2-4 pk)

    holland to park a boeing 747 in front of their goal. how embarrasing for the classy dutch teams of the past.

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