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    QF: Netherlands - Costa Rica 0-0

    Might feel a bit different if the odds on a penalty weren't so stacked in the taker's favour. As it is a keeper with a few tricks just makes it interesting.
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    QF: France - Germany 0-1

    France vs. Germany is basically Arsenal vs. Arsenal
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    QF: Argentina - Belgium 1-0

    Hazard the flop of the World Cup for me. Absolutely terrible. Prince Harry (Kevin Du Bruyen) easily their best player.
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    World Cup Fantasy

    Seems like McDonalds are running one. They must be an official partner? Not sure if there's likely to be any other ones springing up.
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    Greatest keeper in the World Cup

    Definitely Neuer and Neuer.
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    Semifinal: Netherlands - Argentina 0-0 (2-4 pk)

    First time witnessed argie win tactically.:thumbup:
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    Final: Germany - Argentina 1-0(ET) - Germany are WC Champions for the 4th time

    I think it will be a great finals match. Both teams are playing really good, but I think the odds are in favor or Germany. They're gonna be really motivated after the match against Brazil, and Di Maria's absence will be key for Argentina, and Messi alone can't take a whole team on his shoulder...
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    Semifinal: Brasil - Germany 1-7

    OMG! this match is a cracker made in Heaven!
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    3rd place match: Brasil - Netherlands 0-3

    Van Persie starting again sigh
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    Hello Everyone

    Hello Everyone, This is Max, newbie here. Nice to meet you all. Hope we'll get in touch. All the best.

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