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  1. Peerd

    1 - Victor Valdes

    ........Who are Trapp and Baumann? We should seriously stop criticising Valdes so much. He is a decent goalkeeper who has saved our asses numerous times, especially the last 2 seasons. Just because he made that one mistake in the Supercopa everyone is jumping at him whenever he concedes a goal...
  2. Peerd

    Man of the Match thread

    Busquets Iniesta Messi Montoya was amazing too when he came in.
  3. Peerd

    Ibrahim Afellay

    I think it's a bit more, Probably 20% who can speak it quite well, but I think that at least 40% will be able to speak at least some German. Especially people living near the border and higher-educated people can speak German. The problem is that footballers in general are not really intelligent...
  4. Peerd

    Congratulations man. Germany really was much better. I'm at peace with it. Don't have too much...

    Congratulations man. Germany really was much better. I'm at peace with it. Don't have too much hope we will be able to defeat Portugal 2-0 in the last match. The players are just not good enough. We can only hope that you guys help us by winning against Denmark and the players to give it their...
  5. Peerd

    2011-2012 CL Final: Bayern - Chelsea

    They should be ashamed of winning it like this.... They spend 1 BILLION in the past 10 years, and they have to win it by parking a plane in front of the goal and having all the luck in the world. If Barça won it like this, I wouldn't even be proud of the win to be quite honest. But still, they...
  6. Peerd

    2011-2012 CL Final: Bayern - Chelsea

    Joleon Lescott‏ @JoleonLescott Congrats Chelsea, Uefa need to change the rule book if our 6th place team wins the CL must mean the Prem should have more places. Retweeted by Jack Wilshere omg :amazed::lol:
  7. Peerd

    Pep Guardiola

    The thought of him crying on his own somewhere is perhaps the most heartbreaking of all :cry:
  8. Peerd

    Pep Guardiola

    Rosell confirmed it. No continuar. He's leaving :cry:
  9. Peerd

    10 - Lionel Messi - v1

    Messi and Cruijff are both better than Pele imo, and Neymar doesn't even come close. He is not even in the top 10 of the world atm. You can't take Pele too seriously though. He also said Kaka is better than Maradona. :lol:
  10. Peerd

    Real Madrid (old thread)

    Or he is using a translator or a Danish friend is helping him ;)
  11. Peerd

    U-19 Uefa Champions league?

    Chances were about equal, with Ajax perhaps more with the Klaasen goal (justly) disallowed for offside. A few times during the match some Inter players did not even attempt to play the ball, but went full for the man. Like that time when the Ajax player tried to keep the ball in play and the...
  12. Peerd

    The Coaches Corner III: Teams Without Destinations

    What do you think about Inter's 5-2-2-1 then Ed? Like they played in the 60s.
  13. Peerd

    U-19 Uefa Champions league?

    Did you see a different match than I did? Ajax had possession all the time and was playing passing football while Inter countered and defended. If you regard defending as controlling then you may be right, but Inter was constantly playing rough and tackling hard. They even tackled an Ajax player...
  14. Peerd

    U-19 Uefa Champions league?

    Inter won it by playing Catenaccio and winning on penalties. I bet Inter had like 20% possession in total in the entire game. But yeah, that's what you can expect from Italian teams (even though they had 8 foreigners in the starting lineup)
  15. Peerd

    Jose Mourinho

    I just realised how epic it would be if during the clasico, or the possible Champion's League Final vs Madrid, the player who scores the winner (Or Pinto of course, even more epic) would run to Mourinho who is sitting on the bench and throw a Barça shirt at him, or even try to pull it over his...
  16. Peerd

    The Coaches Corner III: Teams Without Destinations

    It all depends on the quality of the players. I wouldn't try playing a random EPL team with a Barça-like lineup, with the flow of the game basically decided by the players on the pitch. They'd get crushed and it'd be a mess. Or like Cruijff said, "4-4-2 is a good formation for a limited team"...
  17. Peerd

    NextGen Series (U19)

    Surely we had to draw the most difficult team in FC Barcelona :lol: Will be a duel between the two most renowned academies in Europe. Typical, they ruled and destroyed teams in the early matches but when they were already qualified they didn't seems to really care anymore and now they have to...
  18. Peerd

    WC Qualifiers 2018 - South America

    Brazil have more potential, but currently Uruguay has a real team filled with great players. I think it's quite even right now, with Uruguay perhaps having a slight advantage over Brazil because players like Cavani, Suarez, Forlan etc. are decisive players in important matches for their clubs in...
  19. Peerd

    The real CL Round of 16 Opponent poll

    Draw Lyon and avenge our brother club Ajax, please.
  20. Peerd

    WC Qualifiers 2018 - South America

    Diving-wise it's still one heck of a battle though :lol:

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