The Mathieu Adventure Experience.

The Mathieu Adventure Experience.

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by , 4th October 2015 at 08:44 PM (18740 Views)
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Day 437 of the Mathieu Adventure Experience

Morning, 3rd of October in the year of our Lord 2015. In hiding somewhere in the Andalusian territory of Sevilla.

Dear Diary:

I write this entry in complete despair. I have gone into exile. I cannot write more details at this moment as I am on the run, lest this diary fall into the wrong hands and my whereabouts are thus discovered. I must go now, I hear the lynch mob and hounds coming....

...5 hours later...

Dear Diary:

I have escaped persecution. My natural pale white camouflage served me well as I was able to elude my pursuers in the White Hill Towns of Andalusia. I hide now in am abandoned cave as I wait for things to cool down. I will attempt now, dear diary, to chronicle the unfortunate events that lead to this most awful of circumstances.

Fresh from that disaster against the German barbarians and my particular battering at the hands of that vicious Greek monstrosity, I had hopes that our trip to sunny and warm Andalusia would bring a positive entry in the chronicles of My Experience. Alas it wasn't to be. Those White and Red devils of Sevilla, lead by that evil slick-haired Satan called Untime Enemy, made my already difficult week a veritable hell on earth. They abused my pasty body mercilessly all day and not once, but twice did I succumb to their onslaught and committed grievous mistakes that lead to harsh punishment. So terrible was the torture wrought on me on this day that our director Enrique Luish was forced to throw in the towel to save what was left of my mutilated corpse.

Outside the skirmish fields a vicious lynch mob of Barcelonius supporters quickly formed, lead by a most savage individual I have hence come to know by the name of Alarcontis. His repeated shouts of "I HATE MATHIEU" will forever haunt my nightmares.

I will remain on the run for the time being, my hopes of moods calming down so that I may get amnesty and forgiveness for my mistakes, many and frequent that they may be. Until better times, dear diary. May my next entry into the Adventure Experience find us in better spirits and circumstances.

PS: Let there be said that I at least have no vendetta against our young comrade MAtSfault. My torture of game keepers is equal opportunity for all, as the stoic faced Bravgod found out today. At least I cannot be accused of being unfair, Mathieu is fair to all!
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