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by , 4th August 2017 at 07:48 AM (19144 Views)
Signing new older players from other clubs for the purpose of improving our teams. In my opinion this weakens the purpose of La Masia because the older teams are no longer made up of players solely brought up in La Masia from a young age. The individual signed might indeed be a good player but the product loses it's intended purpose because there is now a 'cog' that is in there not part of the original machine.
People at this point may bring up Dani Alves as an example of success. They may also point out that my idea is not realistic because there are certain players coming through La Masia that show they are not good enough to play.
In my opinion they are not good enough because the team is not a Masia team they grew up with.
Solution: All first team, Barca B and Juvenile teams must be entirely 100% La Masia. There must be an age decided, from where no outsiders can brought in to FC Barcelona above that decided age. I would apply this also to all players who leave Barcelona (with no exceptions)
Our product is so sensitive because it often would involve individuals playing and doing well at the very highest level who might not be good enough on an individual level to play for the other 'very best' teams. It is therefore highly important that the product is fully pure and to keep it that way through tough and trying times instead of having the temptation to play a single outsider.


  1. KingMessi's Avatar
    So what about players like Puyol who joined at 18 or so?
  2. ManusXavi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by KingMessi
    So what about players like Puyol who joined at 18 or so?
    Dani Alves too is perhaps our greatest import to the system.
    A good player isn't necessarily good for the make up of our team even if they move, press and pass well. . . . .simply because they are different to what La Masia players grew up with.
    I am completely talking about the effect of imports on the La Masia players.
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    100% agree with everything you said!