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Thread: Basketball/NBA

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    Lakers - Miami final
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    Quote Originally Posted by catalinutzR80 View Post
    Lakers - Miami final
    Will be a good series. If Adebayo can put up the same numbers vs the Lakers big trio of Davis, Howard, and McGee, then massive respect. If Adebayo gets shut down they basically have to shoot like warriors 2015 from 3 in order to have a chance.

    EDIT: As crazy as it sounds I honestly don't think the Heat are better than the Denver Nuggets. However, coaching/tactics could be very big in this series and I think Spoelstra is a slightly better coach than Malone. He is a lot more crafty and who knows what he has up his sleeve.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfe View Post
    Shaq played for 5 teams packed full of talent, trying to leech off Nash & Amare in the West, then tried doing the same with LeBron in Cleveland and even signed for big 3 Celtics late on. First one through draft. Other 2 with clear intention of big team assembly. LeBron played for 3 teams too.
    Big teams forming around him post Heat is clear goal of franchise in Cleveland who went all in on the project one more time and then Lakers where it was ?come, win 1-2 rings, ride off into sunset at age of 36 as the other max contract players take over?. Wouldn?t have put a player option on it next summer if that wasn?t the case.
    Nothing to hold his feet to the fire over and certainly not ringchasing like most average all-stars are.
    Shaq got traded to most of the teams he played for. He only ringchased with the Celtics at the end of his career when he wasn't even an all star level talent, and that was because of his rivalry with Kobe Bryant.

    Lots of greats have ring chased like that. Barkley, Karl Malone, Gary Payton, Tracy Mcgrady.

    But none of the past greats have switched teams multiple times through free agency and tried forming a big 3 each time.

    I don't fault Lebron for wanting to put himself in the best position to win, but it does call into question his legacy and alltime ranking compared to other greats.

    And even then, he barely squeaked out 2/3 titles, if not all 3.

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    I mean it's quite obvious Shaq would have left in FA too each time, as would any other star who teams dont want to let go of. AD was also traded, albeit in offseason, like KG and several others. Hasn't happened with LeBron cuz it makes no sense to trade him away if you're in position of any of the sides he was on, and is also near impossible given salary considerations.

    Teams aiming to build a strong side around him each time is not a solid argument against him. He's not the one making a decision to tank and clear cap space for 3 max contracts. I haven't heard him lobbying, and if players want to join him, why'd he say no? To fulfil some sketchy criterion of 'Jordan only had Pippen' that people use to hold against him?
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