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Thread: Transportation in Barcelona. Metro,bus,taxi..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neimax View Post
    I have a question regarding the Supercopa game at the Camp Nou: The game starts at 22:00 on Monday 17th and from Monday until Friday, the Metro in Barcelona drives until 24:00. Has anyone some tips how I can return to my hotel (somwhere near Plaza Catalunya) if i don't chatch the last metro, or do they extend the times if there's a match during week. Everytime I was at the Camp Nou until now i went home by metro, so I would be grateful for any other tips
    Taxi it souldnt be overly expensive

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    The metro will run after midnight.

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    Thanks for your answers

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    Hi. I am bringing the family (including youngish kids) to the Sevilla game on Wednesday 5th April. What is the easiest and safest way of getting back to Eixample after the game? I'd rather avoid crushed metros, even if it means waiting a bit after the game. I am used to watching the mighty Nottingham Forest and so we don't usually face these sorts of problems.....

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